LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 6/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 7/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

Update 6/14/2012: It's been a while since we've heard anything about the LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness, which affected more than a couple dozen (mostly teenage girls) with sudden and inexplicable Tourette's like twitching/tic symptoms. Since most … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Proof of Lyme Disease as cause of tics, at least for 1 girl (Video)

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 3/8/2012

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 2/8/2012:  Lori Brownell, one of two girls passing through Le Roy New York last summer who started exhibiting the same Tourette-like symptoms as the 12 girls at Le Roy High School,  is reported by News Channel 13 … [Read more...]