Shale Gas Fracking: Drill Now, Worry Later?

Shale Gas Fracking

There's no doubt as to the positive impact that shale gas fracking would have on the American economy.  Combine that with some of the new alternative energy sources such as solar power, and America's dependency on foreign energy could be … [Read more...]

Fracking in New York State: President Obama now in favor of drilling

Fracking New York

As the Presidential Election grows near, President Obama may be "centering" himself for a second term, as he is now suddenly in favor of fracking in New York State. Is this a political move to strengthen his support in "swing states such as … [Read more...]

Fracking in New York State: Good news for gas drillers?

Good news for gas drillers- permits to allow fracking in New York State to commence may be issued in as little as "a couple of months" says Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who along with Joe Martens, will perhaps have the final say: By Steve Israel of … [Read more...]