LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 6/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 7/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

Update 6/14/2012: It's been a while since we've heard anything about the LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness, which affected more than a couple dozen (mostly teenage girls) with sudden and inexplicable Tourette's like twitching/tic symptoms. Since most … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease/Illness: “Broken Families, Idealizing Black People & The Welfare System” the problem?

Le Roy Mystery Disease/Illness

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 3/25/2012: The American Spectator, the very popular conservative U.S. monthly magazine with a very large readership, has just published an article by William Tucker, who relays theories as to what caused "only the … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Proof of Lyme Disease as cause of tics, at least for 1 girl (Video)

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 3/8/2012

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 2/8/2012:  Lori Brownell, one of two girls passing through Le Roy New York last summer who started exhibiting the same Tourette-like symptoms as the 12 girls at Le Roy High School,  is reported by News Channel 13 … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: NY Times Article “What Happened to the Girls”

Downtown Le Roy New York- Photo by Author Daniel Case taken June 29, 2010

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update 3/7/2012: Susan Dominus of the New York Times has written a 10 page article entitled "What Happened to The Girls In Le Roy"- an intimate recap of the entire mystery disease/illness which affected 12 girls in the town of … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease- PANS- another diagnosis?


The Le Roy Mystery Disease which has seen almost two dozen girls, one adult and one boy develop strange Tourette-like tics starting last spring, is a perhaps a mystery that may never be solved. With some of the girls now getting better and no proof … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: New Doctor takes credit for recovery and improvement of girls

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: 2/25/2012:   Dr. Jennifer McVigh, associate of Dr. Mechtler at the of Dent Neurologic Institute reports at least "two of the girls are recovered, and three more are showing signs of improvement." Dr. Mc Vigh, … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: New press release by Dr. Trifiletti

Le Roy Mystery Disease

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: 2/23/2012: There is one constant in this entire Mystery Disease saga- the amazing dichotomy between two doctors viewpoints as to why nearly two dozen in Le Roy New York have contracted strange Tourette-like tics and … [Read more...]

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Working diagnosis linked to infections/environment

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update

Breaking News Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: We have a working diagnosis.. and it's not conversion disorder, mass hysteria or the internet. Here's a press release by Dr. Trifeletti, M.D. (pediatric neurologist) from Ramsey New Jersey who is … [Read more...]