Vaccines Toys, Toys in Vaccines, Are We Having Fun Yet?

Vaccination Doll

The Japanese have been known for innovation in a variety of fields and the creation of the delicacy of sushi is a favorite for some. Many would automatically think of the Japanese as having brought about advances in technology including cameras, … [Read more...]

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical to Pay Large Sum for Fraud, Menu to Follow

GlaxoSmithKline Chief Executive Officer Andrew Witty :Source=Crop of courtesy wikipedia

GlaxoSmithKline is a large Pharmaceutical Corporation that likes to be known as a “healthcare” company. It has laboratories that test for safety and it has the ability to boost profits for both the drugs they create as well as the vaccines that … [Read more...]

Is Pharmaceutical Research Pseudo Science?

Is Pharmaceutical Research Pseudo Science?

Watch this video on how studies are picked or chosen. The same beneficial study can be re-written in a way that makes it appear that different studies were done.... Negative findings can be omitted. Many are GHOSTWRITTEN Is the entire industry … [Read more...]

Researchers Release the Profile of a Vaccine Internet Troll

Vaccine Troll

The Typical Vaccine Internet Troll is a college educated, somewhat intelligent single man or woman who is adept with computers, can text at near lightening speed, and owns a minimum of 10 electronic devices that require a battery or charger. He or … [Read more...]