Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer- lowest price for the best juicer


If you are looking to take your health to the highest level, perhaps the best overall juicer made and the fastest (we own 2 of them) is the Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer, lowest price $299.  Unfortunately my wife and I purchased the Juice … [Read more...]

Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure- book makes Amazon’s best seller list


What are the factors that cause cancer, and are there natural treatments available that the mainstream medical community knows about but refuses to tell us?  Those questions are answered including the "results of scientific studies written in … [Read more...]

An Aspirin a day,75 mg or more- Can Keep The Cancer Away

Aspirin 75 mg

An aspirin a day is well known for preventing heart problems and strokes- but now a new study released this week in the journal Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology is suggesting the an aspirin a day (75mg's or more) can keep the cancer away. This in … [Read more...]

Green Bean with Garlic Recipe- Prevents Blood Sugar from Rising After Meals

Green Bean with Garlic Recipe

You will enjoy this green bean with garlic recipe.  This is very simple- green beans are sautéed in olive oil and garlic.  The decision to add a little bit of Italy and sprinkle bread crumbs makes this delicious.  Green beans are an excellent … [Read more...]

Healthy Eating For Diabetics- 4 Foods to Stay Away From


There are 4 foods that diabetics (and everyone wanting to be healthy) should "stay away from" says Troy Casey, well known Certified Health Nut who recently spoke on holistic health at the 2012 American Diabetes Association expo in Los Angeles. Not … [Read more...]

Collection of Natural Pollen Allergy Home Remedies that Work

Pollen Allergy Home Remedies

We just heard the news in our local area that the pollen count is predicted to be very high this spring.  Of course hearing this, one of our former hypochondriac family members (who shall remain nameless) is already sneezing and sniffling. I say … [Read more...]

Taking Your Holistic Health Knowledge to the Next Level


The past few years have proven to be financially challenging to many people in America.  In fact, few can say that they have either not been directly impacted by the world economic crises or  don’t know someone that has.  To make it … [Read more...]

Best Price-The Power of Self-Healing- Dr Fabrizio Mancini


21 days is "all it takes" to feel better according to author and self help guru Dr Fabrizio Mancini. And in his latest book entitled The Power of Self-Healing, Dr Fabrizio reveals a "holistic solution that implores the mind, body and spirit to … [Read more...]

Are e cigarettes harmful? Dr. Zorba vs E Cigarettes National

Are e cigarettes harmful? According to Dr. Zorba Paster and the FDA- they both say yes. But ask a former smoker who was able to quit using the e cigarette, or other countries health departments such as New Zealand and E Cigarettes National (online … [Read more...]

EPA and DTSC team up against harmful chemicals in products

harmful chemicals in products

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control have teamed up against harmful chemicals in consumer products by the signing of a landmark agreement today, reports the EPA in a news release posted on … [Read more...]