Study Concludes: Naturopathy Treatments for Type 2 Diabetes- Beneficial

Naturopathy Diabetes

If you are suffering from type 2 diabetes, researchers are now suggesting that patients choosing naturopathy treatments for diabetes along with standard mainstream medical care can experience "many positive benefits."  Here's an article by Dr … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies For Age Spots- Help With Finding What Will Work Best For You

I ran across literally hundreds of natural remedies for age spots just from visiting a few trusted health sites... and after exploring the gamut of "skin discoloration" for about 4 hours, I have concluded that what works best for one person, may not … [Read more...]

Dr. Patti Kim explains how to get rid of acid reflux naturally

In this video, Dr. Patti Kim explains how to get rid of acid reflux naturally- you will be surprised to learn that acid reflux is not caused by too much acid: According to Dr. Kim, stress is a major factor in causing acid reflux which … [Read more...]

Does acupuncture relieve chronic sinus pressure?

chronic sinus pressure relief

According to Dr. Christy Cline, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest Integrative Medicine, the answer is Yes, as it is effective as a stand alone and/or integrative treatment for relief of chronic sinus pressure. But even though acupuncture … [Read more...]

Nux vomica for hangover and additional feel good advice from a Naturopathic Doctor

Nux vomica for hangover

Does Nux vomica for hangovers work? According to Naturopathic Doctor Blossom Bitting and others, it does. Here's more info and additional feel good advice that you may not have known about when you just had too much to drink: Nux vomica for … [Read more...]

Dealing with anxiety attacks- finding the root cause

Dealing with anxiety attacks

The first step towards overcoming and dealing with anxiety attacks according to Donna M. White MA, LMHC, of,  is to identify what is triggering the attack by finding the "root cause."   "Many therapists agree that this is … [Read more...]