Omega 3 Fish Oil- Helpful for “tics” caused by Tourette’s Disorder?

Long before the FDA approved Omega 3 fish oil (Lovaza brand), it was common knowledge amongst the health conscious community that regular doses of high quality marine or fish oil was a great natural way to reduce the fat (triglycerides) in your … [Read more...]

Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer- lowest price for the best juicer


If you are looking to take your health to the highest level, perhaps the best overall juicer made and the fastest (we own 2 of them) is the Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer, lowest price $299.  Unfortunately my wife and I purchased the Juice … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies For Age Spots- Help With Finding What Will Work Best For You

I ran across literally hundreds of natural remedies for age spots just from visiting a few trusted health sites... and after exploring the gamut of "skin discoloration" for about 4 hours, I have concluded that what works best for one person, may not … [Read more...]

Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure- book makes Amazon’s best seller list


What are the factors that cause cancer, and are there natural treatments available that the mainstream medical community knows about but refuses to tell us?  Those questions are answered including the "results of scientific studies written in … [Read more...]

How to Beat Insomnia naturally with acupuncture

How to Beat Insomnia naturally

Acupunture is perhaps one of the best ways to beat insomnia naturally according to Carlo St. Juste Jr., L.Ac, who is the author of this article I found at a site called MMA Acupuncture. The all about acupuncture site also features information … [Read more...]

Are there home remedies for a vaginal yeast infection that actually work?

The answer is a cautious yes, there are several home remedies for a vaginal yeast infection according to Maria Edwards, Reiki practitioner and reflexologist from England, who is the author of the following article and owner of a website … [Read more...]

Collection of Natural Pollen Allergy Home Remedies that Work

Pollen Allergy Home Remedies

We just heard the news in our local area that the pollen count is predicted to be very high this spring.  Of course hearing this, one of our former hypochondriac family members (who shall remain nameless) is already sneezing and sniffling. I say … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies Can Save Your Life, Naturally


Initially when I came across this article, written by  Mina Shahriary for Live in the Now, I thought it was old and outdated.  For years, we have known about the dangers of carcinogenic products and their correlation– not necessarily … [Read more...]

Natural alternative to Celexa: Your heart may be at risk!

Whitney's death helps shed light into America's addition to prescription medication

With all the recent news and concerns of the dangers of antidepressants, it's time for Americans to seriously consider natural and safe mood alternatives, instead of dangerous drugs that can have long lasting negative side effects. And if you've … [Read more...]

New study concludes: grape seed extract effective for head and neck cancer treatment

head and neck cancer treatment

A new study published Jan 19, 2011 in the journal Carcinogenesis is showing grape seed extract as an effective treatment in killing head and neck cancer. Moreover, the study conducted by the Agarwal Lab at the University of Colorado shows that … [Read more...]