What Do Stamps, The United Nations and Autism Have in Common?

What Do Stamps, The United Nations and Autism Have in Common?

Written by Shelley Tzorfas: On April 2nd the United Nations will release a series of postage stamps that were created by artists around the world that have Autism. It is a global effort and includes artists from the United States, Philippines, … [Read more...]

My Child is a Bully- What Can I Do?

My child is a bully

Written by Shelley Tzorfas: Your child is a bully- but there's a very good chance that he/she doesn't even realize that they are hurting other children. They may have heard others call them a bully but are clueless as to what that really means or … [Read more...]

Conquering Developmental Problems in Children

Developmental Problems in Children

ADHD specialist Shelley Tzorfas, who has been working with children and teens on a one to one basis suffering from ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, talks about her new soon to be released book entitled "Recovering Autism, ADHD and Special Needs." The … [Read more...]

ADHD Preschool Symptoms -Clues Most Parents Miss

ADHD Preschool Symptoms

Written by Shelley Tzorfas: ADHD can show up in the preschool years but the symptoms are often overlooked. Years ago the preschool teacher might have called the parents to explain that the child had displayed "Odd" behaviors or did not seem to fit … [Read more...]