Holistic Living for Pets- Do we treat our Animals better than our Children?


Maintaining a Holistic Lifestyle for our Pets has become a hot topic says Cindy Hodnett of the Winston-Salem Journal, who in this article discusses the "green revolution" and its effects on purchasing trends of many pet owners. Cleaning chemicals, … [Read more...]

Holistic Wellness for Cats- Remedies to Keep Your Pet Young

Wellness for Cats

Holistic wellness for cats involves a little more than just taking them "off commercial pet food" says author and Pd.D. Celeste Yarnall, who developed her own holistic feline wellness "principals and protocols" based on her 20 years of Championship … [Read more...]

My Dog Is Afraid of Thunder- 7 Remedies to Ease the Anxiety

Dog Is Afraid of Thunder

Here's a terrific and important article by Dr. Patrick Tate, chief veterinarian at Webster Groves Animal Hospital (Kirkwood Missouri) that contains 7 remedies when your dog is afraid of thunder or loud noises. This may seem like a casual … [Read more...]

Holistic pet experts say: use borax and 5 other natural remedies for flea control

Using Borax for flea control? Just sprinkled on carpet-will causes severe dehydration and death for the fleas

Boric Acid or Borax is an excellent natural remedy for flea control according to Sara Novak, writer for TLC. She ought to know- South Carolina where she resides, is one of the most difficult states to control those itchy little critters: "We never … [Read more...]

Vinegar for flea control- apple cider or white?

borax for flea control

Using vinegar for flea control is an effective natural alternative for your dog instead of using potentially harmful chemical based products. Vinegar not only works but is cheaper and something you probably have around the house right now. … [Read more...]