McDonald’s threatens Seventh Day Adventists Diet Plan

Seventh Day Adventists Diet Plan

The Seventh Day Adventists Diet Plan which has been followed for more than 130 years by its followers is being threatened in the town of Loma Linda, California  (population 23,000) by the approved opening of a McDonald's. The Seventh Day Adventists … [Read more...]

EPA and DTSC team up against harmful chemicals in products

harmful chemicals in products

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control have teamed up against harmful chemicals in consumer products by the signing of a landmark agreement today, reports the EPA in a news release posted on … [Read more...]

Your Emotional Type- new book helps determine therapies that will work for you

Your Emotional Type- therapies that will work for you

Everyone's built differently right? No say's orthodox medicine (aka modern medicine), as the approach to treating chronic pain and illnesses is usually "one size fits all." Turns out that Michael A. Jawer's and Marc Micozzi's new book entitled "Your … [Read more...]

Natural treatment for dementia- a Native American Indian viewpoint

Natural treatment for dementia

Indian Country Today Media Network, a web based newspaper for the Native American Indian community (or "First Nations" people) authored a great article about their viewpoints of dementia and their cultures natural approach for treatment, that … [Read more...]

Is aspartame bad for you? Ask the FDA, or Grandma?

aspartame bad

With all the extensive research conducted since 1974, people are still asking "Is aspartame bad for you?" No says the "FDA,"  so... does that mean we can drink diet soda by the truck load?  Or, we should only drink a little or none at all? The … [Read more...]

Finding Health Through Fasting

Finding Health Through Fasting

Much of the purpose of Holistic Medicine is based on preventative treatments and lifestyle changes. By finding health though fasting, you are empowering your mind to administer an ultimate health and balance to your body. In this fantastic article … [Read more...]