Indian Head Massage: When It’s Beneficial, And When It’s Not

Indian Head Massage

 By Wendy Blease An Indian Head Massage will last approximately 30 minutes, although the benefits gained through receiving the treatment may last considerably longer. Indian head massage includes the massage of the shoulders, upper arms, … [Read more...]

Reflexology for Foot Pain- Video Describes What to Expect

If you are experiencing foot pain and are considering reflexology as a treatment but don't know how it works or what to expect, here's an excellent video that I found by Helen Chin Lui and Sam McCartin of The Healing Place in Medfield Massachusetts … [Read more...]

Allergies Almost “Non Existent” in Amish Children

Allergies Almost "Non Existent" in Amish Children

Do Amish people know something that we don't know about health? According to Reuters News Services, the answer may be yes. A new study is showing that Amish children growing up on a farm are almost total free from allergies compared to other … [Read more...]

Shopping for Healthy Food on a Budget- Money Saving Tips

Healthy Food on a Budget

Shopping for healthy food on a budget can be difficult, especially if you insist on buying certified organic.  But my mother always told me, "You can either pay for good food or pay the good doctor." Well here's good news- you don't have to … [Read more...]

Intentional Healing- How to Heal From Within

Intentional Healing

Is it possible to transform a conservative woman from the American West with devastating chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, lactose intolerance, reactive hypoglycemia, colitis, and gastro-esophageal reflux disease into an … [Read more...]

Holistic Dentist Tests for Mercury in Dental Fillings (video)

Here's a Holistic Dentist that has set up a simple test to measure mercury in dental fillings. Dr Layton, from San Diego Ca. shows in real time what he calls a "smoking tooth." Teeth that are filled with silver, are constantly giving off harmful … [Read more...]

How to Beat Insomnia naturally with acupuncture

How to Beat Insomnia naturally

Acupunture is perhaps one of the best ways to beat insomnia naturally according to Carlo St. Juste Jr., L.Ac, who is the author of this article I found at a site called MMA Acupuncture. The all about acupuncture site also features information … [Read more...]

Taking Your Holistic Health Knowledge to the Next Level


The past few years have proven to be financially challenging to many people in America.  In fact, few can say that they have either not been directly impacted by the world economic crises or  don’t know someone that has.  To make it … [Read more...]

7 home remedies for wrinkles on face- look and feel younger

home remedies for wrinkles on face

If you look good you feel good, right? Well ... it's true. Not only are we going to share with you the 7 best home remedies for wrinkles on your face, but we are also including some day to day natural wrinkle eliminating tips that will not only … [Read more...]

Best Price-The Power of Self-Healing- Dr Fabrizio Mancini


21 days is "all it takes" to feel better according to author and self help guru Dr Fabrizio Mancini. And in his latest book entitled The Power of Self-Healing, Dr Fabrizio reveals a "holistic solution that implores the mind, body and spirit to … [Read more...]