Taking Your Holistic Health Knowledge to the Next Level


The past few years have proven to be financially challenging to many people in America.  In fact, few can say that they have either not been directly impacted by the world economic crises or  don’t know someone that has.  To make it … [Read more...]

Halotherapy- drug-free treatment for sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, and CF

Salt Cave therapy, Halotherapy or Speleotherapy, which has been popular in Europe for 20 years, is now making its way into the USA. People can experience the same calming sensation as a 3 day beach vacation only, 45 minutes in a Salt Cave is all you … [Read more...]

Pot Growers Warning- new marijuana quality testing is here

If you are legally growing pot and selling to a dispensary, you are probably well aware that the marijuana quality of your harvest is most likely tested by a lab for THC levels. But now thanks to Doobons.com, a new series of testing is being … [Read more...]

Lead and ADHD- Mother finds link and cure

Lead and ADHD.. is there a correlation between the two?  Yes according to Deborah Merlin, who "raised prematurely born twin sons diagnosed with a host of medical problems and neurological challenges." In this video, Deborah gives a detailed … [Read more...]

Does acupuncture relieve chronic sinus pressure?

chronic sinus pressure relief

According to Dr. Christy Cline, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest Integrative Medicine, the answer is Yes, as it is effective as a stand alone and/or integrative treatment for relief of chronic sinus pressure. But even though acupuncture … [Read more...]

Does alternative medicine work? Famous celebrities that think so

Does alternative medicine work

Celebrities are paid very well to appear in commercials and, I don't think that they would do a commercial unless they were getting paid. And the star/actor doesn't necessarly have to believe in the product, but they just have to make it look like … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of Defense and US Army “Salute” Alternative Methods of Healing


The war on drugs has a new ally... and to the rescue- the U.S. Department of Defense (equipped with major firepower) plans to appropriate several billion dollars to research Alternative Methods of Healing. In an article poster at Top Secret … [Read more...]