Little Known Herbal Remedy for Insomnia Provides Stress Free Sleep

Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

Here's an article that contains information about Jatamansi- a little known herbal remedy for insomnia and stress that is derived from the endangered Himalayan Jatamansi plant. The author at Remedies for Chronic Insomnia  give a brief … [Read more...]

New study concludes: grape seed extract effective for head and neck cancer treatment

head and neck cancer treatment

A new study published Jan 19, 2011 in the journal Carcinogenesis is showing grape seed extract as an effective treatment in killing head and neck cancer. Moreover, the study conducted by the Agarwal Lab at the University of Colorado shows that … [Read more...]

St johns wort for depression- does it work?

Study published in Pharmacopsychiatry compared St johns wort to Paxil

I"m going to save you a lot of time researching about St johns wort for depression from this study I've conducted on the flower (AKA Hypericum perforatum).  My findings about St johns wort are collected from a host of authority sites and vary pro … [Read more...]

Holistic Remedy for Hair Loss Provillus- is it real or a scam?

It's all my parent's fault!

In an article posted at Eva News in the health section, author Ava Morgenroth talks about Provillus and the theory of how it works "naturally" for hair loss... Really, A holistic remedy for hair loss Provillus- is it real or a scam? pay attention … [Read more...]