Shale Gas Fracking: Drill Now, Worry Later?

Shale Gas Fracking

There's no doubt as to the positive impact that shale gas fracking would have on the American economy.  Combine that with some of the new alternative energy sources such as solar power, and America's dependency on foreign energy could be … [Read more...]

Will Shale Gas Fracking Put An End to Electric Car Technology?

Shale Gas Fracking

With the recent rise in gasoline prices and Americans becoming more and more concerned at the pump, natural gas obtained by the process known as shale gas fracking is now being looked at by US automakers as an viable alternative to expensive and less … [Read more...]

Shale Gas Fracking to be legalized in North Carolina?

Shale Gas Fracking

North Carolina is to hold a public hearing on the issue of Shale gas (hydraulic) fracking this Tuesday, say's Southern Pines NC Newspaper The Pilot, and also reports that the states Department of Environment and Natural Resources has … [Read more...]

Fracking Natural Gas: Study shows “little evidence exists directly linking the practice to environmental harm”

The Energy Institute at The University of Texas has funded an independent study on hydraulic fracturing or "fracking" in natural shale gas development. The study has for now concluded  "little evidence exists directly linking the practice to … [Read more...]

Fracking Natural Gas: Will companies be forced to disclose Trade-secret chemicals?

Fracking Natural Gas

What effect does natural gas fracking have on the quality of drinking water? That's a question that the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management want answered. The EPA has announced they plan research on all phases of … [Read more...]