Pesticide Residues in Food- Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen

As far back as I can remember, my mother has been telling me and the family "Make sure you wash those vegetables good... they're loaded with pesticides." Turns out (this year) mom is right again . The annual Environmental Working Group’s annual … [Read more...]

Goodwill Salaries: Taking Advantage of Disabled Employees

Goodwill Salaries

Here's A Case of the Blind "Not" Leading The Blind... Goodwill has been paying salaries for employees with disabilities as little as $1.44 per hour. It is legal. Under the "Fair Labor Standards Act," employers have permission from the … [Read more...]

Combination Vaccine for 6 week Old Infants Approved by FDA

Combination Vaccine

The FDA has just approved Menhibrix, a combination vaccine manufactured in Belgium that is to serve as protection against two bacterial diseases. FDA says that infants between the ages of 6 weeks through 18 months can take this new combo … [Read more...]

LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 6/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness Update 7/14/2012: Air, Soil, Water tests Negative

Update 6/14/2012: It's been a while since we've heard anything about the LeRoy Mystery Disease/Illness, which affected more than a couple dozen (mostly teenage girls) with sudden and inexplicable Tourette's like twitching/tic symptoms. Since most … [Read more...]

Harvard Affiliated Hospital Loses 150 Brains for Research or, is this Just Another Case of Freezer Burn?

A Harvard -Affiliated Hospital Loses 150 Brains for Research or is this Just Another Case of "Freezer Burn?"

150 brains of people afflicted with Autism, Parkinson's Disease, Neurological conditions and Schizophrenia have rotted because a freezer lost power at the facility. The alarm that should have sounded did not. It was 3 days before anyone noticed the … [Read more...]

Aussie Autism Discrimination? Entry Visa Denied For Family with Autistic Daughter

Autism Discrimination

Sometimes a change of scenery with a new job and fresh start is all that it takes for a man and his family to be happy. That was at least the plan for UK Police Sergeant Peter Threlfall, who had already accepted a position as a constable in the … [Read more...]

10 Top Hospital Mistakes: Some Patients Live to Tell About

Hospital Mistakes

Here's a healthcare trivia question for you... How many people die on average each year due to hospital mistakes? The answer- more than a quarter million according to CNN, who just published an article featuring the 10 most common mistakes you … [Read more...]

Interactive Map of USA’s Top 100 Hospitals

Interactive Map of USA's 100 Top Hospitals:

"If you want to get sick, go to the hospital." It's a known fact that with all the diseases that travel around most hospitals, a prolonged stay is literally increasing your chance of death. But what if you have no choice and have to go to … [Read more...]

Judge Orders FDA- Rethink Antibiotics in Animal Feed- Is this Enough?

"We will be rethinking our position on antibiotics in animal feeds," says the FDA

How much power does the FDA have in deciding whether or not it is acceptable for antibiotics to be contained in animal feed?  Apparently quite a lot... This next article reports that a federal court judge has "ordered" (as Reuters puts) the FDA … [Read more...]

Dog Cells to Replace Chicken Egg Culture for Vaccinations

Dog Cells to Replace Chicken Egg Culture for Vaccinations

Like the Nineteenth Century children’s nursery rhyme says, "What are little boys made of.... snips and snails and puppy dogs tails".... Seems a ridiculous thought- But fast forward to the 21st Century, dog kidney cells are now slated to be … [Read more...]