Aussie Autism Discrimination? Entry Visa Denied For Family with Autistic Daughter

Autism Discrimination

Sometimes a change of scenery with a new job and fresh start is all that it takes for a man and his family to be happy. That was at least the plan for UK Police Sergeant Peter Threlfall, who had already accepted a position as a constable in the … [Read more...]

10 Top Hospital Mistakes: Some Patients Live to Tell About

Hospital Mistakes

Here's a healthcare trivia question for you... How many people die on average each year due to hospital mistakes? The answer- more than a quarter million according to CNN, who just published an article featuring the 10 most common mistakes you … [Read more...]

Interactive Map of USA’s Top 100 Hospitals

Interactive Map of USA's 100 Top Hospitals:

"If you want to get sick, go to the hospital." It's a known fact that with all the diseases that travel around most hospitals, a prolonged stay is literally increasing your chance of death. But what if you have no choice and have to go to … [Read more...]

Can I Give Anbesol to a Baby? FDA Warning Suggests No

Baby Anbesol

Paula G wrote into Holistic Remedies News:  "Can I give Anbesol to a Baby." Thanks for the question Paula. Pfizer, the manufacturers Baby Anbesol will answer Yes, as they say their product provides instant relief. But the FDA for the third … [Read more...]

Judge Orders FDA- Rethink Antibiotics in Animal Feed- Is this Enough?

"We will be rethinking our position on antibiotics in animal feeds," says the FDA

How much power does the FDA have in deciding whether or not it is acceptable for antibiotics to be contained in animal feed?  Apparently quite a lot... This next article reports that a federal court judge has "ordered" (as Reuters puts) the FDA … [Read more...]

Welcome to Holistic Remedies News


Here you’ll find the latest news in the world of Holistic Remedies, Naturopathic Cures and Alternative Medicine. If it really works, we’ll let you know and if it doesn’t, we’ll be sure to tell you why it won’t. … [Read more...]

WHISTLE BLOWER: Our Most Popular Category

Whistle Blower

The Holistic Remedies News  "Whistle Blower" category was initially created to inform our readers of the latest possible health threats or dangers.  A good example would be our article on the prolonged use of aspartame,  a debate as to whether … [Read more...]

New Study Concludes- Obesity Causes Lymphedema of the Legs

photo and courtesy by Amy Kenneth, Wikipedia

Secondary lymphedema of the legs has always been thought to be caused by either surgery, radiation, cancer or infection. But a new study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown obesity to be a cause: Lymphedema in … [Read more...]

Happy Dairy Farm Cows treated to Chiropractic Care, Classical Music, and More

With all of the horrible atrocities and so called rumors that we have heard- about abused factory farm dairy cows on their way to the slaughter house, it might come as a complete shock for some to hear that farmers are now going out of their way to … [Read more...]

Vaccine Requirements For School: Exemptions Allowed by Law

Vaccine Requirements For School

by Shelley Tzorfas: Vaccine requirements for school vary from state to state but in all states except two,  there are religious or personal, philosophical or conscientious belief exemptions. By law, public schools must allow for the exemptions but … [Read more...]