Shelley Tzorfas: ADHD Specialist

Shelly Tzorfas

Shelly Tzorfas-Founder of Specialized Tutoring/Learning Assessments

Shelley Tzorfas BFA/MFA has been working with children and teens on a one to one basis who have ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia for more than 2 decades.

Shelley came to this work because she had undiagnosed dyslexia and hid the fact that she could barely read or write. This enabled her to assist other children from a different perspective. In fact through her efforts, many of the children she has worked with over the years have gone on to win awards and receive honors.

She uses a “Learning to read-through the arts approach.” With numerous groundbreaking articles published worldwide, Shelley continues to innovate with simple yet mostly “overlooked” methods to help in improving the learning for children, teens and adults.

Currently working on her book, “Recovering Autism ADHD and Special Needs,” Shelley believes that most issues are based on physical problems- not psychiatric. Sometimes the child struggles because the eyes do not track together, sometimes there are meltdowns because of a food dye. By working holistically, many overlapping layers of difficulties can be resolved.

A member of the International Dyslexia Assoc., Holistic Mentorship Network, Cambridge Who’s Who, Center for Spiritual Living and Toastmasters, Shelley is looking forward to personally assisting parents and children in a series of a nationwide speaking engagements planned at the end of this year.

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