Nux vomica for hangover and additional feel good advice from a Naturopathic Doctor

Does Nux vomica for hangovers work? According to Naturopathic Doctor Blossom Bitting and others, it does. Here’s more info and additional feel good advice that you may not have known about when you just had too much to drink:

Nux vomica for hangover

Nux vomica for hangover

skip the coffee- Use nux vomica for hangover

article published by Times
The most often used remedy for overindulgence, Nux Vomica (colubrina).
Nux-vomica is useful for the disturbances that follow overindulgence in food, coffee, alcohol or tobacco. This ‘hangover remedy works best for people who feel worse the morning after. It can be useful for the nausea, cramping, diarrhea, broken sleep/early waking, headache and dizziness of the holiday season.
If you find yourself in need of this remedy, take three pellets of 30ch potency before bed, and if needed, another three pellets every three hours the next day until symptoms are gone.
When it is time to hit those holiday food tables, keep a simple principle of digestion in mind – the bitter principle. Having something bitter at the beginning of the meal helps to prepare your digestive tract for whatever comes it way. The bitter flavour signals the secretion of acid from the stomach wall which begins protein digestion, the secretion of bile from the liver which helps with fat and fat soluble vitamin absorption, and the release of pancreatic enzymes into the small intestine which help with fat, protein, and carbohydrate digestion. If alcohol does play a role in your holiday overindulgence, keep a complete B complex of vitamins on hand. Alcohol dehydrogenase is the main enzyme that breaks alcohol down to acetaldehyde in the liver. read on

Besides *nux vomica for hangover relief, Blossom Bitting also recommends “zinc,” preferably natural, which is “found in meat, dark chocolate, seeds, oysters  as well as the dairy-based  ”probiotic lacto acidophillis kefir” which is also known as yogurt.

* the best brand we’ve found “Hyland’s Nux Vomica“ can be ordered online at Amazon.

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