Experiences During a Reiki Treatment

ReikiWhat experiences can you expect during a Reiki treatment?

TOUCH – Some people feel a burning sensation from the therapist hands, they may also experience cold, electric tingling, throbbing or vibration. Some people experience nothing at all, this does not mean the Reiki is not working it is just that the Reiki effects people in different ways.

Pain could get worse; sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. The pain may go to a different part of the body, when this happens it is usually means that the pain moving towards the nearest exit i.e.

• The crown of the head,
• Tips of fingers, tips of toes, base of spine.



Inside the body
• Muscles aches, sharp rod like pain etc
• Flatulence and burping – this is releasing toxins

Outside the body
• A breeze
• Feelings of a cobweb or tickling etc.

These symptoms can last for up to three days. And is sometimes called a ‘Healing Crisis’

If a person is living on their nerves and the stress which has then been taken away. They may experience heaviness and a feeling of lack of energy, this will soon pass. The recipient could feel a sense of well being or feel very relaxed. Sometimes there could be a feeling of light-headedness, dizziness or sickness. If this is the case it could be that the person has been low in energy for some time and is now being filled with positive energy. If any of these conditions occur, always advise the client to sit quietly for 30 minutes before going about their business.

During a treatment the recipient may suddenly realise that they are unsure of where the therapist’s hands are placed, this is perfectly normal. When healing starts to work it travels to the part of body where it is need the most, not necessarily, where the practitioner’s hands happen to be. The recipient may also feel like they are being touched by the healer’s hands when in fact the hands are not even in contact with the body.

SIGHT – Sometimes the recipient may experience colour or visions e.g. senses of the past floating past their eyes like watching an old movie. These can be very vivid and full of incidents that had been long forgotten. The person may visit a favourite place where they feel warm, calm and perfectly safe.

HEARING – The recipient may hear voices or other sounds like crackling

EMOTIONAL – The recipient may laugh or giggle, they may cry – tears of joy or sadness. This is a shift in energy and will soon pass.

The recipient may find they lose all sense of time during a treatment. After the
treatment the recipient may feel extremely relaxed and quietly peaceful.

Namaste, Wendy

Wendy Blease

Wendy Blease- Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium

Wendy Blease is a Reiki Master Teacher
and Holistic Therapist from the United Kingdom
with over 20 years of healing experience.
Wendy is qualified in 
Usui, Kundalini,
Sekhem & Crystal Reiki Master/Instructor,
Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer and Teacher,
Holistic Therapist in Indian/ Tibetan 
Head Massage
and Hopi Ear Candling. 

To get in contact with Wendy, please click on her photo or click here
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