Reiki For Children and Babies

Reiki For Children and BabiesReiki for children and babies is a natural treatment that a mother and father can use to pass healing energies to their child.

Parents often hold their baby lovingly and once one or both of you have learned to give Reiki you can pass it on to your child every time you stroke or touch him or her. This energy will intensify the natural relationship that you have with your child. Reiki is a special form of love which all humans have, especially babies.

It is of course possible to *give reiki to *babies or *children of other people but it is always better for the parents to treat their own children because a natural loving bond of trust has already been established.

A perfect time to treat a baby/child is when they are sleeping so that the child is relaxed. Simply sit by their beds and place your hands slightly above their body, so that you do not wake them.

You could also do a spot treatment, just working on the place where reiki is
needed, as children tend to get quite hot during Reiki. Another good idea is to have them sit in your lap whilst reading them a story.

*Never, treat a baby or child unless you have a written statement and the parents/ guardians are present
*All persons under the age of 18 are required to have a parents written consent to receive any holistic therapy and a chaperone must be present at all times, preferably the parents.



Any gifts or presents that you give can be infused with positive Reiki energy
allowing you to pass on that loving feeling. Letters can be treated in a similar
fashion. Simply hold the object in your hand and allow the Reiki to flow into it.


Reiki can also be used for group healing. Each person connects with the person next to them, giving and receiving Reiki. It is also possible for several people to work on one person.

This can be done by each Reiki practitioner holding a position or each Chakra
point. Alternatively, you may wish to have one person at the head, one at the feet and one/two people holding positions in the trunk part of the body.

Distant Healing can also be worked in a group’s environment by visualising a ball of light or box in the centre of the room and naming aloud the people that you place inside for healing, then sending Reiki energy to the people in the box/ball of light

Namaste, Wendy

Wendy Blease

Wendy Blease- Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium

Wendy Blease is a Reiki Master Teacher
and Holistic Therapist from the United Kingdom
with over 20 years of healing experience.
Wendy is qualified in 
Usui, Kundalini,
Sekhem & Crystal Reiki Master/Instructor,
Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer and Teacher,
Holistic Therapist in Indian/ Tibetan 
Head Massage
and Hopi Ear Candling. 

To contact Wendy, please click on her photo or click here
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