Crystal Reiki: Dual Therapy and Benefits

Crystal Reiki Therapy

Mineral Quartz Crystal USDA Photo by: Ken Hammond- Courtesy Wikipedia

Crystal Reiki is a dual therapy; you receive the benefits of Reiki and the healing properties of Crystals.

Each crystal or gem stone has their own healing properties and can be used for a range of ailments bringing in other aspects such as balance and grounding.

There is such a large selection of crystals out there, some cheap to buy and some very expensive such as diamonds, ruby’s etc.

Crystals for self-use can be a personal thing and are appropriate for you, just as therapist will select crystals for you to complete a therapy session, you can do the same at home with just a little research.

Some crystals are very gentle and others can be quite strong. The energy from crystals are unique to that crystal and has associate ‘properties’ you can combine a selection of crystals or even a single crystal to bring in the energy or properties you require. A single crystal can be carried in your pocket or a selection in a pouch for a number of days to continually bring in healing and harmony etc.

Crystals have long been used in jewellery and other ceremonial garments since time immoral. Crystals is best set in silver rather than gold because of the makeup of silver which acts as a better conduit than gold.

Crystal Reiki Treatment

After your initial talk with your therapist, they will select a range of crystal to place on your body usually on your chakras and the base of your feet, they may also place a ‘grid’ of crystal’s around the therapy bed, once this is done the therapist will charge or open the crystals for healing. The therapist will then proceed to give reiki either ‘hands on’ or they will ‘send reiki’ from a seated position just outside the crystal grid.

Once the session is completed which lasts from 20 – 60 minutes, the crystals are removed and placed in bowl or something similar ready to be cleansed after the session has been completely finished, the therapist will then finish the session by smoothing and sealing your aura with reiki.

Personal Crystals

A little research and a good crystal book will help you to choose your crystals; it will show you how to care for them and how to store and keep them. As I said earlier, Crystals are personal to you. Once you have chosen your crystal(s) you keep them around your person for 5 – 10 days, after which you would cleanse and let them rest for a week before using them again. Alternatively, if you have a selection of crystals you may wish once a day to lie down on a couch or bed with the crystals dotted around you and relax for around 15 minutes in the first instance building up to the full session of 60 minutes. You would start at 15 minutes as you may not be used to having that quiet time to yourself – which can be very irritating if you are not used to it, in addition it also helps you to adjust to the energy of the crystals making sure do not ‘overload’ your energy system.
Now you may be wondering why you can have a 60-minute crystal reiki session but not at home. A responsible therapist will only give a 15 to 20-minute crystal reiki session in the first instance, and then on consecutive session the time builds up. The crystals they may use during your sessions may also change, this is nothing to worry about, you may need the properties of a different crystal as the other crystal(s) may have done their job?

Crystals for your home environment

Crystals may be placed around your home to bring/restore harmony and balance, always place out of reach of pets and small children, again with a little research you can decide which crystals will be best for your home or work environment. After a month, you would cleanse and let them rest before putting them back out into your home.

Crystals for pets

Pets and livestock are very open to receiving the energy from crystals and from reiki (I will be writing an article on this soon).

Namaste, Wendy

Wendy Blease

Wendy Blease- Reiki Master/Teacher, Medium

Wendy Blease is a Reiki Master Teacher
and Holistic Therapist from the United Kingdom
with over 20 years of healing experience.
Wendy is qualified in 
Usui, Kundalini,
Sekhem & Crystal Reiki Master/Instructor,
Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer and Teacher,
Holistic Therapist in Indian/ Tibetan 
Head Massage
and Hopi Ear Candling. 

To get in contact with Wendy, please click on her photo or click here
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