Dog Cells to Replace Chicken Egg Culture for Vaccinations

Dog Cells to Replace Chicken Egg Culture for Vaccinations Like the Nineteenth Century children’s nursery rhyme says, “What are little boys made of…. snips and snails and puppy dogs tails”…. Seems a ridiculous thought-

But fast forward to the 21st Century, dog kidney cells are now slated to be injected into our babies and children. Was the author of the nursery rhyme somehow prophetic?

According to an article in The Washington Post, there has been a lag and shortage of vaccines for the flu and bioterrorism. In order to address this lag and to speed up the slow process of making vaccines from chick embryos, vaccines will be made using dog cells. (Everyone knows that dogs are faster than chicks..)  A Swiss company has already made flu vaccines using dog kidney cells for Europe and Japan at a German factory (Bow WOW).

Protein Sciences of Meriden (Conn.) has applied to the FDA for approval to sell a vaccine made by engineering flu genes into a worm virus and then somehow infect cells from caterpillar ovaries  in order to produce proteins necessary for the vaccine. They think this technique will be, “Revolutionary.”  Are these technicians “opening up a can of worms?” I cannot help but wonder if it might mess with evolution in the long run.

Recently an editorial was published that mentioned a tropical disease that is being spread by insects known as “Chagas”  that used to only be confined to Latin and Central America.

According to CNN and other newswires, this bug (AKA the Kissing Bug) prefers to bite humans in the face. When it ingests blood it releases a parasite that can enter the system once the itch is scratched and thereby creates an open wound.  Another name for this deadly insect is “American Trypanosomiasis.” The disease can be fatal and some have recently asked if this is the “Aids of the Americas?”

Are bugs like the Chagas responsible for creating the right amount of  hysteria to facilitate the need for more vaccinations?

Perhaps so. But so many babies and children have become seriously allergic to eggs… if inoculations are approved using dog kidney cells, what could happen to the children who are allergic to dogs? What sensitivity can develop in children who are initially not allergic to dogs but due to the intense blood-barrier exposure, may become allergic? After all, there were hardly any peanut allergies until peanut by-products were added to vaccines. The UK has introduced a new mumps shot, a single vaccine using dog kidney cells. Back in the 1960’s no one bothered with a mumps vaccine because mumps was considered to be nearly harmless. A t some point it was piggy backed to the measles and rubella shot becoming a part of the MMR.

Children and infants have become highly allergic or overly sensitive to an amazing amount of foods and properties found in vaccines. Many speculate that it is because the children are introduced to these properties at too young an age. Ingredients that they would never have been exposed to in previous generations found in the 70 vaccines that babies started to get since 1991 are milk, soy, peanuts, casein, eggs, latex, artificial food dyes and a host of others. These are the very same things that children now have dangerous allergies to. Bee stings have made the list but lately there is less of a need to worry because bees are disappearing.

I am secretly hoping that people who do not have children or do not participate in discussions of vaccine harm may actually take a stand when they learn about the use of dog cells in vaccinations, hoping that they will speak up.

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  1. Mindanoiha says:

    Excellent article.
    We can laugh at the waiter’s reply to our complaint about the fly in our soup: “- Never mind, it won’t eat much!” However it is no joke that vaccines may contain residue from insect cells, yeast, mouse brains, tissue from pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, calf lymph, hens’ eggs, chick embryos, monkey kidney and testicle cells, retinal cells, aborted human fetal cells and cancer cells!

  2. bob says:

    Here here- Mindanoiha’s recommendation-
    We should all read this article… is a wealth of excellent articles that Holistic Remedies News often references. 5 Stars

  3. viola woolcott says:

    THIS IS JUST OUTRAGES!!! Such a power and money making between the pharma and government. Makes me sick to even think of all these parents that believe all that shit that they get told by the medical people!!!

    • bob says:

      Thanks Viola… very upsetting. Unfortunately many people look up to doctors and are afraid to question them.. My grandson recently received more shots in one day than I had in my entire life. Our daughter said they wouldn’t let our grandson go to school unless he got all the vaccinations. Perhaps he will be okay but there are so many that get affected. The rules are faulty… parents do have rights – I wish the decision whether or not to vaccinate could be up to the children… I know they would say no…. Check this out and thanks again-

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