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The Holistic Remedies News  ”Whistle Blower” category was initially created to inform our readers of the latest possible health threats or dangers.  A good example would be our article on the prolonged use of aspartame,  a debate as to whether or not it is safe to drink large amounts of diet soda… even though the FDA says it’s okay.

Holistic Remedies News later realized the Whistle Blower category was also useful to give our readers counterpoint to the large amounts of what we perceive as BAD or MISINFORMATION the public receives through the MAINSTREAM MEDIA…. which many times is even more prevalent via the INTERNET. This may include but is not limited to articles stating only one side of a story for financial gain and/or publicity.


WHISTLE BLOWER articles report about:

*Herbal Remedies that don’t work
*Medical Malpractices
*Diseases that are misdiagnosed
*Pharmaceutical Recalls and dangerous drugs
*Dangerous herbal interactions with drugs
*Up To Date Food warnings
* Perceived publicity stunts, payoffs and fraud
*Abuses to children, adults and animals

Holistic Remedies News prides itself on excellent ratings and good standings with Google. Our readers are guaranteed that the articles and references are well documented and accurately footnoted.

Although we may back up our findings with very well documented information, our reports are “still up for debate.” We encourage our readers to post comments and to interact with our site, as many of the Holistic Remedies News articles are based on various expert opinions and findings.

Do you know of a WHISTLE BLOWER story that needs to be EXPOSED? Please contact us via e mail at Holisticremediesnews@gmail.com.

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  1. Lila says:

    While technically the “whistle has been blown” on this by Dr. Mercola, you may want to consider sharing it as well. This one DEFINITELY needs to be widely known.

  2. Judi Yaremko says:

    I would like for more people to be aware of what they are doing to our food ie: Monsano and genetically mastered seeds! Our food chain is being polluted and so many people have NO CLUE what is really going on. More articles on this and what we can do about it. Thank you!

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