Reflexology for Foot Pain- Video Describes What to Expect

If you are experiencing foot pain and are considering reflexology as a treatment but don’t know how it works or what to expect, here’s an excellent video that I found by Helen Chin Lui and Sam McCartin of The Healing Place in Medfield Massachusetts that revels not only how effective it is for relieving foot and leg pains, but other ailments that reflexology treats naturally.

Reflexology for Foot Pain- Video Describes What to Expect

Refluxology works by “decongesting the energy” says Liu, who also points out that the massage also increasing blood flow. In Sam McCartin case, she describes that refluxology personally helped relieve her foot pain caused from the constant walking and pounding on concrete floors at her job.

“Someone going in for refluxolgy for the first time (at her office) can expect to first “go over the objectives” as to “what needs to be addressed,” Liu says.

Besides foot pain, you might be surprised at the diverse ailments and diseases that refluxology treats which includes: chronic pain, migraine headaches, restless leg syndrome, auto immune issues and various forms of arthritis… all of which Liu considers a “first category.”

The second category includes treatment for hormonal imbalances including infertility treatment.

The third and last category consists of people suffering from gastrointestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. If you go to the web site at, there is a larger more complete list of ailments that refluxology will be useful for.

Reflexology for Foot PainOne question that Liu answers that I was curious about- do you have to get undressed to receive refluxology treament for foot pain (or any other ailment)? The answer she says is “no.”

The video is 25 minutes long but it goes by fast containing a lot of useful information about what to expect. If you are experiencing any of the problems Helen Chin Lui is describing, refluxology would be my personal first option for treatment rather than the “drug alternative” as prescribed by most conventional health practitioners. Of course, we can not personally evaluate you so, please seek professional medical attention and advice from a healthcare professional first.

By the way, did you know 83 percent of doctors and nurses choose complementary alternative medicine for themseves instead of drugs? Check out this article Alternative vs conventional medicine- which medicine your MD is likely to choose

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