Students say NO to College Vaccinations- Enrollment Down

10,000 potential students at Austin Community College are saying NO to the required college vaccinations by refusing to enroll at the school, reports NaturalNews. This due to the fact that the students collectively believe that vaccine requirements encroach their rights:

College Vaccinations

You will stop forcing us to vaccinate when it hurts your bottom line, won't you.

Vaccine refusal is a basic human right that has been often challenged by the pro-vaccine “authorities” from the local well-meaning pediatrician to the government officials all the way down to the school administrators. Even though no school or other agency can force anyone to take a vaccination, policies are written to give the distinct impression that the inoculations are compulsory. Any school administrator who says a student will be refused enrollment without a vaccine is lying. read more here 

By Shelley Tzorfas: Austin Community College enrollment has gone down by 15%. More than 500 classes have been cancelled. The students know that they have a right to refuse vaccines. People are forgetting that vaccination is a medical procedure and like all medical procedures, it comes with risks. Perhaps these young people feel that the aluminum, mercury or embalming fluid might disrupt their immune system?

Perhaps they are concerned as young people who had been repeatedly vaccinated just a few years older than themselves, are having issues trying to have children of their own? Perhaps they paid attention to every new fertility clinic that has moved into the neighborhood, something their parents had never needed?  Maybe they are frightened of the escalating epidemics of Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Diabetes or Autism, but now these kids are taking initiative. They are speaking with their wallets! After all, the push for kids to get 70 vaccines is entwined with money. Public school districts have been receiving large sums of money if the majority of the children are vaccinated. That is why so many families are pushed or frightened into vaccinating while they watch as other children become ill from the vaccines.

College students do HAVE the RIGHT to refuse vaccinations and apparently in Austin, someone has done a good job of teaching these kids to think for themselves and not simply “Follow the Herd.” Having a vaccine EXEMPTION for religious, philosophical or medical is a right…”

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  1. Cyndi B says:

    I would not let my daughter get the HPV vaccine because they did not do enough studies before releasing it on side effects. Too many side effects. My son is also Autistic and the vaccines made him that way I am 100% sure. We need safer vaccines and they know how to make them safer.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Cyndi,
      Thanks for sharing your info about your son and daughter. I am so sorry to hear this news of your son and I think you did the right thing by not letting your daughter get the HPV. I think little by little, the word is getting out about the dangers of some vaccinations. My wife and I were commenting the other day that our grandson who is 2 received more vaccinations in one day than we did in our whole lives!
      It’s basically an overload- the child just can’t take it. If you want, send me an e mail , I can forward it to Shelley. I’ve seen her do some amazing work with special needs children.

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