Allergies Almost “Non Existent” in Amish Children

Allergies Almost "Non Existent" in Amish Children

Some "experts" say the lack of allergies is genetic. Really?

Do Amish people know something that we don’t know about health?

According to Reuters News Services, the answer may be yes.

A new study is showing that Amish children growing up on a farm are almost total free from allergies compared to other children in the USA and around the world. What is their secret?  Go to Reuters and check this article out…

(I’m anxiously awaiting ADHD and Autism studies of Amish Children… bet this too (the percentages) will be nearly non-existent)

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  1. Lila says:

    This is not surprising, even if it puzzles the “experts”. There are a couple of factors at work here.
    1. The Amish are not obsessed with sanitizing everything in existence. In the rest of the country, people obsess over killing as many germs as possible. This constant exposure to nature and what ever it has to offer strengthens the immune system which will help beat down allergies.
    2. These kids drink raw milk. Raw milk has some terrific benefits which include reducing allergies and asthma in non-Amish children.
    3. The odds are very high that they are eating local honey. This helps with seasonal allergies for non-Amish folk and would certainly boost the immune system of anyone eating it on a regular basis.
    4. Constant and early exposure to allergens help reduce the incidence. These children are exposed 24/7, unlike children growing up in houses and apartments with little time out of doors.

    The Amish have been raising strong healthy people for a long time, simply by living with nature and being exposed constantly. We should take a lesson from their way of life. We’ve become too disconnected from the earth.
    Thanks for posting this article!

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