Holistic Living for Pets- Do we treat our Animals better than our Children?

Maintaining a Holistic Lifestyle for our Pets has become a hot topic says Cindy Hodnett of the Winston-Salem Journal, who in this article discusses the “green revolution” and its effects on purchasing trends of many pet owners. Cleaning chemicals, shampoos, grooming products, pet food and medicine are starting to be “scrutinized by consumers, and the trend toward natural ingredients is increasing.” Yet, there’s still plenty of toxic chemicals available at the stores for the human children and adults. Do we care more about our pets than we do our kids?


Holistic Living for Pets- Do we treat our Animals better than our Children?

Holistic for Pets

Big Mac and Fries okay for the kids but GOD FORBID, NOT THE DOG!

Organic pet food is now found in most grocery and pet stores, and many shampoos and grooming products have been reformulated to exclude toxic ingredients. And when Spot or Kitty takes a trip to the vet, alternatives to chemical-laden care are now available.
The goal of homeopathic veterinarians is to “not merely treat disease, but to cure it,” according to the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy. Homeopathic veterinarians can be used to treat almost any problem that is usually addressed with traditional medicines, and a homeopathic approach to veterinary care is a holistic discipline that incorporates exercise, diet and the elimination of stress in the treatment process.

“We rely on chemicals so much in our day-to-day lives,” said Mitch Spindel of Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital. “A lot of animals can react in bad ways to some of these chemicals, and we decided to see what we could do to get back to a more natural approach.”

Kathy Radford recently joined Spindel and Miranda Ertel at Animal Ark. Radford has extensive training in homeopathic and herbal-veterinary medicine, and Spindel said Radford quickly persuaded him to include homeopathic veterinary care at Animal Ark.

“She convinced me in about two weeks,” he said. “With homeopathic treatments, we were able to take two dogs off seizure medications. Now, the dogs aren’t having seizures or suffering the serious side effects of the medications.” whole article here

I think it’s absolutely wonderful that so many pet owners (myself included) are now going to great lengths to be good to our furry friends. There is of course that argument that pet owners generally are more aware than non pet owners. What do you think?
In my opinion, buying trends to organic/holistic pets supplies and care has moved far ahead of what we buy for our babies and children. As example, our food store has an entire isle devoted to the “holistic pet lifestyle,” whereas the baby isle is still riddled with chemical products. And look what we feed our kids…. Do we care more for our animals than we do our children?

Do You Know How Your Pet Is Making You Healthier?

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve noticed that when people opt for more holistic, organic lifestyles, they do it across the board, and they start making changes that effect pets, kids, annoyed relatives…

    Interestingly, recent tragic stories of pet deaths and other serious health issues associated with questionable ingredients found in imported pet foods aroused our concern over a lack of regulation abroad for pet foods. That’s good, but alarms should also be going off much more frequently about regulations for human food in our own country. In addition to our being too busy to notice some of the dangers to which we may inadvertently be exposing ourselves, I believe the blame for this lies with the coziness between agribusiness, bio-tech and our government. When you factor in effective advertising and efforts to squelch information about products, the problem becomes even more complex.

    On the one hand, our need to be increasingly vigilant about products we use and consume can sometimes feel overwhelming. On the other, social media, and sites such as yours, are helping raise awareness at what seems to be an accelerating pace. So thank you — very much!

    • bob says:

      Hi Nancy,
      The “accelerated pace” is an excellent observation- almost impossible to keep up with!
      Often find myself with “food shopping” anxieties… Great commentary!

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