Holistic Dentist Tests for Mercury in Dental Fillings (video)

Here’s a Holistic Dentist that has set up a simple test to measure mercury in dental fillings.

Dr Layton, from San Diego Ca. shows in real time what he calls a “smoking tooth.” Teeth that are filled with silver, are constantly giving off harmful toxic gasses according to Dr. Layton. And different types of mouth activities like chewing, drinking coffee or grinding your teeth all release different amounts of mercury gas. Check out this video:

Holistic Dentist Tests for Mercury in Dental Fillings

Silver-  It’s the most poisonous, non-radio active metal that we know and it releases – so a mercury filling in the tooth in essence becomes a mercury implant in the body. I wouldn’t want to put a mercury implant in the body. That’s what we’re doing by putting mercury in teeth. This should be stopped. It’s easy to do. There are other materials that are much more effective. They’re tooth-colored, better-looking and the time has come to quit using mercury in people.  read more

What do you think? It’s kind of making me afraid of ordering that Large cafe mocha at Dunkin Donuts tomorrow morning. And what happens if I eat those crunchy hard organic chips as a snack later- am I going to get brain damage?
I’ve only had one cavity so I supposed I should give my mom a big kiss for harassing me about brushing my teeth… but wait a minute, isn’t fluoride bad for you as well?

Sorry folk, couldn’t resist- I’d say if you have dental fillings and if they are silver, it’s probably mandatory to get them removed, especially for your kids as mercury in dental fillings is proven dangerous.

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