Little Known Herbal Remedy for Insomnia Provides Stress Free Sleep

Here’s an article that contains information about Jatamansi- a little known herbal remedy for insomnia and stress that is derived from the endangered Himalayan Jatamansi plant. The author at Remedies for Chronic Insomnia  give a brief background on the “not so popular” sleep-aide herb, saying that the “English names (for Jatamansi) are Spikenard or Indian Nard:

” This plant is also uses as an air purifier for spiritual purposes and as an ingredient in perfumes.”

Little Known Herbal Remedy for Insomnia Provides Stress Free Sleep

Herbal Remedy for Insomnia

"Jatamansi contains sesquiterpene valeranone, which has sedative properties"

Jatamansi goes right to your central nervous system and releases your stress which allows for relaxation so you can fall asleep. The plant is also used as a stimulant, bitter tonic, or as a treatment for epilepsy, convulsions, and hysteria.

The roots and fruit of the plant are used for the treatment of insomnia. These have been the focus of studies to determine their chemical makeup. The root contains valeranone which is a compound of the valerian root its cousin plant. Valerian is also used to treat insomnia.

The essential oils of the root have shown signs of acting as an antidepressant after they went through tests, similar to the effects of the plant St. Johns Wort. Antidepressants can help treat restlessness and insomnia since they promote well-being within your body. This helps you relax by elevating chemicals and clearing your mind of stress issues. This makes Jatamansi one of the primary remedies for our insomnia.

Man-made sleep aids caused addiction, dependency, and the risk of accidental overdose. The history of these dangerous substances to treat insomnia led to more need for natural remedies for chronic insomnia. We didn’t want the harmful side effects to help get the sleep needed. Today we have three modern natural remedies which are Valerian Root, St Johns Wort and Jatamansi the Himalayan wonder root. Take Jatamansi when you want a relaxed and stress-free sleep.

This article and other natural sleeplessness remedies articles can be found here- recommend


Is Jatamansi Effective as a Sleeping Aid?

This from There is no real concrete evidence to suggest the effectiveness of Jatamansi at promoting sleep and easing the symptoms of insomnia. This herb has been used for many many years around the world, so this may be a good indication that it is indeed beneficial.

There has been little scientific evaluation and testing done to prove the effectiveness of Jatamansi at not only treating insomnia, but also at treating the other conditions and ailments for which it has been traditionally used.

Side Effects: There are no know side effects that occur when taking Jatamansi. However there is also no clear indication for dosage so use this herb with caution. One of the types of chemicals found in Jatamansi, called coumarins, can be poisonous in certain quantities. whole article here 

With that said, the site goes on to recommend other non prescription sleeping pills. I have no idea if combining all these natural ingredients into 1 pill make it more effective. We still warn with all meds, natural or otherwise to consult a caregiver before trying. Here is a brief description from the site:

AmbeSleep has been rated as one of the Best Sleeping Aids by consumers and staff. Why does AmbeSleep work so well? First off, AmbeSleep features 12 proven sleep aid ingredients designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than any other product available. Many consumers have compared their experience using AmbeSleep as “more effective than Lunesta but without the side effects”. more info

Somabien is the World’s Strongest Prescription-Free Sleeping Pill available without a prescription. It’s the only product we have ever reviewed where visitors have said that it works better than many of the prescription sleep medications they have tried. It would have been our #1 rated sleeping pill if it had not been for its slightly average safety score. more info

Perhaps “synthisized pills” are more effective than just Jatamansi, but you have to wonder if man is doing itself more harm than good (maybe God has a reason for keeping things seperated)? Please leave your comments below and share this article with your insomniac friends on Facebook.

PS: I found Ambesleep and Somabien on Amazon- slightly cheaper price.

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