Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure- book makes Amazon’s best seller list

What are the factors that cause cancer, and are there natural treatments available that the mainstream medical community knows about but refuses to tell us?  Those questions are answered including the “results of scientific studies written in laymen’s language” in a bestselling book entitled Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure by Dr. Morton Walker:

Cancer's Cause,Cancers Cure

"Dedicated microbiologist was determined to find a scientifically proven way to handle cancer that didn't kill the patient."

Cancer’s Cause, Cancers Cure tells the facts that big pharmaceutical companies may not want you to know—how natural substances can help and actually heal cancer. Out of the labs of the prestigious Pasteur Institute and decades of scientific case studies, microbiologist Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D. unlocked the mystery of cancer at the DNA level.  Dr. Walker ( 80), took on the task of presenting the information to the American public to “save lives”.  He himself has received 23 awards, has written 92 published books, and has been called ”the world’s leading medical journalist specializing in holistic medicine” by the American Cancer Control Society.

The book contains the truth about how carcinogens really work at the DNA level to cause cancer.  Thanks to Mirko Beljanski’s family, the information has reached America and as long expected— there is a way to handle cancer without killing the patient!

So many are affected by cancer— a study recently done in the USA shows that over 50% know someone within their family or friends. So much time and money has gone into researching cancer, it was time to reveal the data actually already discovered about how it works and why this information had been kept under wraps for so long.  More importantly, it shows how to heal the cancer.

The environmental causes of cancer have been discovered, as well as the natural remedies that were thoroughly tested and now available.  Remedies that can be used with chemotherapy, if needed, and still heal the cancer as well as heal the devastating effects of chemo itself.  This is such a far-reaching discovery most will want to read about it themselves as well as let friends and family diagnosed with cancer know about it.

Scientific studies and testing with over 3,500 people, alive and well today, went into the writing of this book. Testimonials are so heart-felt it is easy to see why the cancer survivors formed a Society and meet regularly to help pass the word and help save lives themselves. read more

The press release goes on to say that “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure” actually reveals a natural method that saves lives and heals cancer. This statement is backed up by fellow author Bill Henderson of  ”Cure Your Cancer ” in this review:

I know Morton Walker and I’ve written three books on natural cancer healing myself. In other words, I think I’m well-qualified to judge this book. Morton says in the book that this book is more important than the other 91 books he has written COMBINED. I’ll admit I haven’t read all those 91 books, but I’ll certainly take his word for it. What you find here is a set of healing substances that have reversed all kinds of cancer in Europe. Morton has interviewed these survivors and their stories are presented here. But what makes this book exceptional is the explanation of why these substances work. Morton has explained for the lay person like you and me exactly what our cells do when we get a diagnosed cancer and how the two substances he describes here reverse that process. Amazing stuff.

Dr. Mirko Beljanski, the cellular biologist who spent 45 years isolating these two substances, is deserving of several Nobel prizes. Instead, he spent the last 18 months of his life in jail in France in the late 1990′s. He challenged the dogma of the scientific community of France. As most of you know, this frequently results in extreme persecution of the discoverer. His theories have since been proven correct. They had to do with what is now called “reverse transcription” in our cells. Don’t be “offput” by this terminology. It is explained easily for you and me in Morton’s book. That’s why this book is so important. It not only gives you the information to obtain these wonderful substances but it explains why they work and which particular cancer diagnoses each is most effective with. see both reviews

Cancer is (if you haven’t known already) is very big business- and the information contained in Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure for $ 23.92 (paperback) or even cheaper- $9.99 (Kindle) at is not something that the new multi-million dollar cancer centers are going to want revealed. Yet, here it is- the truth.  Kindle Fire is also on sale right now and a money saver if you like reading.


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