Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer- lowest price for the best juicer

Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer

Organic fruits and vegetables + Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer= ultimate cancer fighting and prevention

If you are looking to take your health to the highest level, perhaps the best overall juicer made and the fastest (we own 2 of them) is the Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer, lowest price $299.  Unfortunately my wife and I purchased the Juice Fountain Elite online in a hurry the first time, and paid over $400.00. But the second time (after doing some research) we found the lowest price for the Breville 800 at ABT- one of the largest independent single-store appliance and electronics retailers in the country located in Glenview, Illinois. ABT has free shipping and no sales tax (in most states) for the 800.

We now own 2 juicers because the first Breville 800 stays at my father’s house. After learning of him getting cancer, we brought it over and started juicing for him.  Unfortunately, mainstream medical is not going to endorse organic juicing but there’s plenty of proof that it stops cancer from metastasizing.

We’ve had cheap juicers before and simply stopped juicing because it was such a hassle to cut up everything and clean afterwards. The Breville 800 is for the lazy juicer person that wants to just throw in a whole apple without any cutting or fear that it will clog. The cleaning is for the most part easier than other juicers with less parts- manufacturer says dishwasher safe but our dishwasher isn’t big enough. You will also have to manually clean around the titanium cutting blades with the included brush- still much easier than other juicers. Here’s a video that shows how it works:

Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer- lowest price for the best juicer

The Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer has a die-case super strong steel housing with a stainless-steel micromesh filter and a titanium-plated cutting disk. Circular 3-inch feed tube can fit whole fruits and vegetables. If you plan to juice every day it’s the easiest and least time consuming juicer on the market.

Features of the Breville 800JEXL 1000 Watts Juicer include:

The High Performance Motor has two speeds, high (13,000 RPM) for vegetables and hard fruits and slow speed (6,500 RPM) for soft fruits

The Giant 3″ diameter feed saves so much time- just throw in the whole apple, tomato or giant carrot. Real time saver.

Safety: No need to every worry about safety- the juicer will only function when the juice cover is on and the locking arm is in the right position.

Nice large size pulp container, so you don’t have to keep emptying it if you want to make a lot of juice – dishwasher safe (but I don’t put in the dishwasher to clean, ***see below)

Overload Protection Button protects the motor from damage, as the juicer will turn off automatically if the motor is about to overheat- just wait and hit the reset button when cool.

There are however, a few negatives:
1. It’s a big appliance- takes up a lot of room in our kitchen (see below for smaller size model)
2. Price- high compared to other juicers
3. Youwill have to hand wash parts if you don’t have a big dishwasher.


Benefits of the Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer

1. Easy to use

2. No cutting of fruits or vegetables (or very little)

3 MicroMesh filter system – up to 50% more juice than standard juicers

4. The powerful rpm motor extracts more of the juice and nutrients, which will leave the pulp very dry.

5. 1000 rpm motor serves juice faster than less powerful juicers

6. Cleaning is easier than other juicers with less parts to wash and disassembles quickly- And if you are real lazy (or smart), ***the directions say to put a plastic bag in the pulp container to collect the pulp if you don’t feel like cleaning that out.

Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer

Breville 800jexl 1000 watts juicer- Click on photo for more details

Breville Compact Juicer Juice Fountain

Breville Compact Juicer- $99.00 Click on photo for more details










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