Holistic Wellness for Cats- Remedies to Keep Your Pet Young

Wellness for Cats

Cats have "hunted and eaten their fresh raw prey for thousands of years."

Holistic wellness for cats involves a little more than just taking them “off commercial pet food” says author and Pd.D. Celeste Yarnall, who developed her own holistic feline wellness “principals and protocols” based on her 20 years of Championship Tokinese Cat breeding:

“I personally witnessed the difference between my cats and those born and raised on commercial pet foods, the overuse of drugs, and abuse of booster vaccines,” said Celeste, who points out that she knows the difference because “she raised her first litters that way” (on commercial food):

Holistic Wellness for Cats- Remedies to Keep Your Pet Young

I was so concerned by what I experienced, that I began my own research and challenged what I was being told by many veterinarians and mentors. I broke away from those tired methods and launched my own holistic breeding program. I consulted with experts, including my friend, Jean Hofve, DVM, who joined me as my The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care co-author.

Ultimately, I came to the conclusion that the single most important anti-aging modality for cats is feeding a properly balanced, naturally raised, raw meat and raw bone based, species-specific diet. This is the foundation upon which all of our holistic regimes rest. The recipes for these homemade foods are found at CelestialPets.com

The goal of anti-aging is to ensure that one’s later years are enjoyed in optimum health and well being. In human medicine, we talk about ways to lengthen telomeres, we fix and even replace body parts that have degenerated. However, these techniques are not readily available for our cats. Kidney transplantation is available, but impractical and unaffordable for all but a very few cats. Perhaps one day, we will see bio-identical hormone replacement for altered cats, biomedical technologies, such as autologous stem cell therapy (harvested from the cat’s own body), nanotechnology drug delivery, and even development of bio-identical replacement organs. One day, we may even see these techniques as common place in veterinary clinics. But what can we do in the meantime? As our cats mature and become senior citizens, it becomes important to support not only their physical well being (flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels and general body systems) but their emotional equilibrium; nourishing and nurturing their bodies and spirits as they mature and keeping their stress levels as well as our own down to the barest minimum possible. Read more:

Celeste’s article is extensive and highly informative, I recommend checking out the rest of her writing which includes what not to feed your cat. Celeste warns-we may be thinking we are helping our cat by giving them an herbal or natural remedy when in truth it might be harmful. As example, the popular anti aging supplement Alpha Lipoic Acid that works well in humans and dogs, is deadly to cats. Holistic wellness for cats largely depends on choosing the correct remedies to keep your pet young which Celeste says must work “hand in hand with the species-specific raw meat and raw bone diet of the cat and are primarily derived from animal sources.”

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