Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Erin Brockovich test results are “negative”

Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Erin Brockovich test results are "negative"

Trichloroethylene, the chemical spilled in the train Le Roy train derailment "not found in 3 nearby wells"

2/13 2012 Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: The train derailment that occurred in Le Roy New York back in 1970 which dumped cyanide and TCE (trichloroethylene) has been ruled out as a factor for now according to Erin Brockovich associate Bob Bowcock, who took samples at three nearby wells:

Submitted by Howard Owens, The Batavian:  The results are preliminary, but the lead researcher for environmentalist / lawyer Erin Brockovich said he’s confident in the results. The samples were taken from the wells of private residences, two to the south of the massive TCE spill in 1970 and one to the west.

That would indicate that the TCE (used for degreasing metal parts) plume from the Lehigh Valley train derailment, located four miles from Le Roy High School, has not migrated west and south as some people seem to have feared.

As for TCE being found in fill dirt used at the school, the NYS Department of Health report states that a “very low level of TCE” was found in groundwater at the dolomite quarry near the derailment site. Crushed stone was used for road construction and subsurface drainage at the school.

“Residual TCE that might be present in stone from the quarry would be reduced or eliminated through evaporation during stone crushing and handling operations,” states the report. Bowcock said that is likely true, but he awaits anticipated soil testing by Leader Profession Services for confirmation.

More troubling — though unrelated to any neurological disorders — said Bowcock was the discovery of MTBE in a water sample taken near the school. Methyl tertiary butyl ether is a gasoline additive that has been illegal in New York since 2004. Bowcock said it is a “carcinogen under investigation,” explaining that toxicology takes 20 years to determine for certain that a chemical agent is cancer-causing.

“I’ve never seen any research to suggest it causes neurological disorders,” Bowcock said. He emphasized he doesn’t believe presense of MTBE has anything to do with anything going on with the teens manifesting tics at the school.

There are reports, Bowcock said, that MTBE is used by fuel companies in fracking natural gas wells.  read more

Why is Bowcock’s new finding of MTBE the first time we are hearing about it existing near the school? What about the extensive testing by the state officials?  Did their report disclose MTBE? Either it does or they missed it. How accurate can their report be if it’s not included?

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  1. I still think Fracking and it’s subtle by-products will be a BIG story over the next decade.

    We need the energy, and the US is full of natural gas.

    Fracking is a cost effective way to extract natural gas. The financial and geo-political pressures will be huge. I am not so concerned about the inevitable BIG messes, with groundwater.. because we can identify them, and rectify them… horrifying as that may sound.

    It’s the subtle leaks…. the subtle contamination that lurks for years and decades…. THAT is my bigger concern.

    Le Roy is the prologue in a horror story that is being written right before our eyes…..

    It’s going to get scary….


    • Kimberley says:

      Your concerns are valid in both issues but the any MESSES can cause BIG PROBLEMS! Livestock and humans becoming ill! Drinking water that is not drinkable! Even water that can be lit on fire! Until it happens to you, of course you think that problems can be identified and rectified…but does that mean immediately? Do you think that the EPA will protect us? Think again! Examine all the past problems and see how they are being resolved!

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