Dysthymic disorder treatment.. homeopathic or drugs?

Dysthymic disorder

6% of the United States population have had a bout with Dysthymic disorder

I’m going to list the most well know treatments for mild depression aka- Dysthymic disorder, but for better understanding of Dysthymic disorder treatment a brief background is in order.  Although considered a low grade depression,  dysthymic disorder is not to be considered “minor depression” according to the Harvard Mental Health Letter,  first printed in the February 2005 issue.  Further, the illness is often misdiagnosed by family doctors due to the fact that most people suffering from dysthymic disorder feel that they are just a depressed person and/or it’s just how life is. There are other reasons too, as people can live with this illness without even knowing there is something abnormal.

Be it as such, dysthymic disorder treatment is no different in the medical world than major depression (psychotherapy and medications). In fact, The Harvard Mental Health Letter names the same medications used for major depression:

“The most common drug treatments are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like fluoxetine (Prozac) and sertraline (Zoloft), or one of the dual action antidepressants such as venlafaxine (Effexor). Some patients may do better with a tricyclic antidepressant like imipramine (Tofranil).”  read whole

The good news is,  dysthymic disorder treatment is also available in natural homeopathic form, but not listed in any Harvard Health Publications:

Arsenicum Alban – This remedy is commonly used for patients who are suffering from a combination of anxiety and depression. It is also commonly used by those who set unrealistic goals for themselves, only to find themselves in a depressive slump when they don’t achieve them (in other words, over achievers and perfectionists).

Aarum Metallicum – Slightly similar to Arsenicum Alban.  Often used by patients who find themselves stressing due to work, school, etc.. These types of patients can suffer from severe depression due to overworking themselves. Also commonly used for patients who suffer from insomnia (inability to sleep) and feel worthless (low self-confidence).

Calcarea Carbonica – Those who find themselves flabbergasted with work, school, or a chronic illness will find this natural remedy to be quite effective. Those who suffer from fatigue, low self-esteem, and easily and often deal with anxiety will benefit from this remedy.

Calcium Carbonicum – This remedy is used by those who may on the outside appear to be very confident and outgoing, but are in fact extremely shy and timid. This can cause feelings of anxiousness and self-pity. These individuals also find themselves unable to sleep.” read whole article and more remedies

I have personally not tried any of these remedies and as the article states, “If symptoms of depression become worse, it’s important to see a medical health professional as soon as possible.”

Here’s my take on both articles…. and take into consideration that I have had bouts with mild depression.
First, I did not take the medication my psychiatrist recommended (Zoloft).  I found more useful the verbal therapy that was administered and decided to change my lifestyle by eating natural nutrients from organic food, exercising and taking pharmacological grade Omega 3 marine oil.  Over time (about 2 months) I noticed an overall change in my mood, whether it be solely due to diet, exercise, the marine oil or all the above.  Now the marine oil I use called “Rescue,” which is listed in medical journals and is considered very effective, has not been approved by the FDA as was “Lovaza” which is the same thing only,  you don’t need a prescription for Rescue (and the doctors aren’t making money prescribing it).  I am going to expound on Rescue vs Lovaza in an upcoming article that is a must read but for now, the key is to take pharmacological grade Omega 3, and not the useless over the counter pills.

Exercise, diet and pharmacological grade Omega 3… my natural disthymic disorder treatment-  I doubt either authors of the two featured articles here would disapprove.

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  1. Cleber says:

    Please ctcnaot your local Mental Health Association or closest psychiatric hospital or mental health unit of a general hospital. They will have information on local groups or help you to start one.

  2. Homeopathy, always best than other drugs. Homeopathic medicines are made of natural herbs. Its been 26 years for us to work as homeopath. Never have faced complaints from our patients.

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