Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: Fracking suspected- coverup in place?


 Mystery Disease

Is fracking the cause or contributor to the mystery disease in LeRoy New York?

HEADLINE Le Roy Mystery Disease Update: 2/3/2011. Fracking is a very effective method used by Drilling Companies to extract natural gas underneath the ground (and sideways) without disturbing the surface. The process uses water and toxic chemicals that are injected at high pressure into the ground to release the gas. One of the world’s largest natural gas supplies runs through Pennsylvania, but also continues on to western New York State, in fact right on through to Le Roy New York where 6 gas wells exist underneath Le Roy Junior/Senior High School. Was fracking used to extract gas underneath the school? Exposure to the chemicals used in fracking are proven toxins which kills trees, livestock, causes muscle tremors, dizziness, cardiac issues to humans and can make the water supply flammable. 

Here’s a clip from last night with Dr. Drew HLN:

With fracking, the drilling doesn’t have to be conducted anywhere near,…say a school but nonetheless, the gases underneath are being extracted. Watch this next video- How would you like this to happen near your home?

Please go and check out this site about fracking and when you are finished, I want you to come back here-
I have a very important question for you: Do you think that fracking has anything to do with the mystery disease in Le Roy New York, or are you still convinced that it’s Conversion Disorder? Post your comments below.

Are government officials in Le Roy including the state of NY in the hip pocket of corporate gas/oil?

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  1. The “news” here is that oil and gas wells (and tanks) are leaking in New York State.
    Which is not entirely news:

    • Bob says:

      Hey James,
      Hey Jim- thank you for posting and you are correct. I went to your site and suggest the readers here do the same. Here is an excerpt of what James has researched: “New York State Department of Environmental Conservation over the last twenty‐five years portray an oil and gas industry which has consistently neglected to plug most (89%) of its depleted wells. In this regard, the most recent record has been the worst: Plugging percentage ratesranged from 3.5 to 7.1% throughout the 2000’s.
      Further, there is no program, existing or proposed, to periodically monitor and repair plugged and abandoned wells which have begun to leak.”

  2. schuller says:

    There was a train derailment in Le Roy next to the school site in 1970 in which cyanide got spilled. The parents of the teens now afflicted might have been babies or were not yet born – which means that these parents’ genes may have been affected at the time (same for the 36-year old women who is afflicted by the same illness). Now you write that there are 6 fracking wells under the school. The toxic chemicals in the fracking fluid may trigger the defective genes in these teens. It is conjecture, I admit. But if I was Brokovich, this is what I would be looking at.

    • April Brown says:

      Agreed! Perhaps these girls are predisposed by affected parental DNA (from the 1970 spill), in addition to any number of other contributors, vaccinations, birth control, etc. And combine those with adolescent hormones and chemicals pushed to the surface and you have an obviously dangerous cocktail. Scientists have admitted that for some children who have hereditarily predisposed chemicals/ hormones indicating submissionto autism, vaccinations can trigger those chemicals to induce full blown autism. That is why not all children who receive the same vaccines present with autism, while others do (and whose parents KNOW vaccinations triggered the disease). The most difficult thing for powerful organizations to do is admit fault and/or self inaccuracy.

  3. lob says:

    Strange that those fracking toxins affect only young girls. In one school.

    So I’m gonna go out on a limb and, agreeing with the expert doctors who know most about their condition, say that, yes, it IS a case of conversion disorder.

    • whyaminaked says:

      Lob, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and agree with millions of consumers/patients/victims who understand that not all of the “experts” are really on our side or know what the hell they are doing.

    • AJay says:

      You shouldn’t go out on limbs, especially when they have very little support.
      There are many diseases that only women are susceptible to, mainly due to the differences in their hormones which are more easily changed by chemical toxins in the environment. This is a known fact when it comes to the differences in tolerances to pesticides between men and woman. It is too easy for “officials” to sweep this under the rug and blame it on the “victim” in order to protect all parties involved. Corrupt officials, on every level of government, follow the same pattern and that is not to make waves. We should never take them at their word – let them prove what they believe.

  4. Bob says:

    Schuller- in our opinion you are on to something here- big time. There’s something called the “blood brain barrier” which is not intact in infants until 6 weeks of life. This barrier protects brain cells from harmful substances. Exposure to toxins may cause a breakdown of the “BBB” allowing the passage of harmful substances into brain tissue. It is possible that these parents exposed during infancy could pass this genetic weakness to their children. If their immune systems was compromised as you theorize- they could indeed pass this mutation onto their children. Our source is Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora Grabowski.

  5. Bob says:

    Hey Lob,
    Not to disagree with you because you may end up being exactly right…. But what about the two girls from Corinth NY who visited during the summer- the boy, and the 35 year old woman that have been added to the list? These are only the extra people who have come forward. Erin Brockovich a couple of days ago is quoted as saying there may be thousands from the town that have strange ailments.

  6. Bob says:

    I’ve spent the better part of the day making some phone calls and researching “fracking” (I’m going to write an article on this soon). The preview is, these drilling companies are allowed to withhold listing to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) some of the chemicals used, as they are considered “proprietary components” or”trade secrets.” That basically means that these gas drillers can inject anything they want into the ground (mystery chemicals). It gets worse… click on the “Notify me of new posts by email”- make sure you don’t miss this.

    • endfracking says:

      Bob, Not to seem harsh but where have you been? Thousands of articles have been written on fracking. You can join the bandwagon of fractivists if you’d like. Just watch the movie Gasland by Josh Fox and that will give you the foundation to go from there.

      • Bob Harris says:

        Hi Powercoach,
        Thanks for the movie tip- I will check that out. You know, my wife and I were talking about this just the other day and asked a few family members if they knew what fracking was- they in typical North Jersey fashion gave a reply that I can’t say here! But I don’t think you are being harsh at all. My expertise is in indoor chemical remediation. Please feel free to make more comments, it is appreciated big time here.

  7. Anywhere there’s fracking, there will be fracking trucks spilling their waste water on roads, in ditches, anywhere they think they can get away with it. The companies find it cheaper to pay a fine if they’re caught than to dispose of the fluids properly, especially since municipal water treatment plants have refused to accept that water – and for good reason. So if there are people showing up with the same unexplained symptoms, at the same time, in the same place, it’s just a question of finding where the fluid was dumped, and how they were exposed. Is there a road they were traveling? A stream they were near? There are so many mystery chemicals, in so many mystery combinations, there’s no way to know exactly what the cause of their symptoms is, or how to treat them. Which is why fracking should be banned – and the CEOS of those corporation should be in prison, along with the workers who deliberately break the law with complete company approval.

    • Bob says:

      Yea Carol- right on. I’m afraid that a lot more people have to get sick (or die) before our elected officials are willing to set up a committee to appoint board members who will allocate funding into preparation for development to administer research with regard to forming a team that will……
      Meanwhile, people that live in these fracking areas are simply not going to live as long with all these chems… we’re in for a lot of strange diseases to follow-

  8. Yoga_girl says:

    I’ve suspected it all along. The chemicals have been there for decades, that can cause an array of health problems….some not as noticeable as the recent tourette’s type symptoms, but some like congenitial heart defects (one of the girls has a heart murmur)…another already had an issue with epiliepsy….leukemia, kidney/liver damage….but somthing happened in the October time frame…perhaps mixing of natural gas with the chemicals and a release of vapor intrustion from the soil or into the building. The school district still didn’t disclose when or if they drilled the two additional gas wells that they applied for a 2009 varience for drilling.

  9. Yoga_girl says:
  10. Yoga_girl says:

    Baffeled, bewtiched, bewildered are they……. who don’t want to let go of the big pharmas payoffs, and many doctors are afraid to speak out and tell the truth or go beyond the text book of western medicine that is years behind science, so many thousands before them, because they are afraid they will lose their licenses, and, in a way rightfully so. They are pharma/chemical pimps. What kind of society is it that we live in, that we have to “pretend” that we don’t know the answer????

  11. Wow. It’s great to see all your excellent comments (other than one poor soul who seems to have been “duped”, and is in “denial”). But, it’s OK, since we still have (I think) freedom of speech & the press.

    From reading about this, in several places on the internet, I hope the Le Roy parents continue to check further into the following. If anyone knows any of them, please share the following;

    1) What WERE/ARE the exact fracking chemicals?

    2) How can doctors and parents DETOXIFY the affected people, from the poisonous (toxic) fracking chemicals that were used in the natural gas wells, at and near the school, in Le Roy, and in other towns where they too had people (girls, boys, adults) come down with tic disorders?

    3) What are all the TOXIC CHEMICALS, ON, IN, & UNDER THE GROUND, BEDROCK, SURFACE AND SUB-SURFACE WATER, reaching the school from the toxic “plume”, where the plume came from that 1970 railroad derailment spill of cyanide and TCE, about 3 miles from the school? Add vinyl chloride, which was said to be a breakdown product of TCE, and vinyl chloride is a nerve poison (neuro-toxin).

    4) Why didn’t the school and NYS Health Department THOROUGHLY investigate PANDAS in all tic disorder victims from Le Roy and nearby? PANDAS means Pediatric Auto-immune Neuro-psychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal bacteria. PANDAS’ definition is being expanded to include ADULTS, AND OTHER other disease producing GERMS (organisms) such as viruses, mycoplasmas, Lyme Disease-causing organisms, OTHER ORGANISMS, and even VACCINES–SEE #6 BELOW).

    5) What INFECTIONS (STREP, VIRUSES, MYCOPLASMAS, LYME DISEASE, ETC.) did the tic disorder victims have, and when? What are the results, regarding PANDAS, of Dr. Trifilleti’s samples. He’s a GOOD pediatric neurologist, who is freely helping the parents to try to get answers. Dr. T. was quoted (and I agree) as saying that the diagnosis of “conversion disorder” in these Le Roy victims, is a “garbage diagnosis”.

    See Beth Maloney’s book: “Saving Sammy”, about her son having a hidden strep infection leading to PANDAS, and how, in his case, antibiotics cured him.

    Also read about the “sneezing girl” (Lauren), who also had PANDAS, Lyme Disease, etc., who got well from getting both antibiotics, and then IVIG (Intra Venous Immune Globulin).

    NVIC is also a good source (Nat’l Vaccination Information Center) of info about vaccine adverse (bad) side effects, and about how to get compensated for vaccine injuries before the “statute of limitations” expires.

    6) What VACCINATIONS did each tic disorder patient receive, and when? There’s a great website about this, called http://www.VaxTruth.org that is asking questions about this. Many parents, all over the U.S. and elsewhere, have seen tic disorders develope, related to vaccinations (at least). Who was given the GARDASIL vaccinations? FLU SHOTS? Who was given various other vaccinations? And when did they get all these shots?

    7) Why is Erin Brockovich’s ENVIRONMENTALIST team being “stonewalled” in Le Roy, while the school is “lawyering up”? What is the school hiding? What is the NYS Health Department hiding?

    8) As others of you have asked : Who’s getting paid by big pharma (includes vaccine companies), by fracking chemical companies, etc. Keep asking questions! And when those answers emerge, hopefully it can help heal the victims, and prevent future victims!

    Carol (Concerned lady)

  12. shermanater says:

    I notice on the DEC website that some of the wells are considered “development” if that means that they are exploratory wells, that means they don’t have to report what they used to frack to the DEC. Also, they could have been exploring the Utica shale which runs much deeper than the Marcellus and the DEC has no clue what composition goes down for the Utica or comes back up. It was much later that UB discovered that fracking the Marcellus mobilized uranium causing radon and radium (radioactive) to come back up the well with the waste water. It will be some time before the truth about the Utica will come to light.

  13. DellStator says:

    Mass hysteris, yeah, I don’t think so. Not since we stopped using leaches to treat the common cold.
    Didn’t we give up on that right after the Salem Witch Trials? I am shocked anyone would seriously suggest that. One girl gets ticks from stress, ok, her best friend too, maybe, but unless someone comes out and says these girls were together 18 hrs a day, had eating disorders, were under psychological care, taking psych drugs, were in a sority that had a history of exteme social pressurization, or SOMETHING that might explain their simultaneous stressing, I’m going with PHYSICAL causes.
    What can one say about a school board that allowed drilling, a heavy industrial process if there ever was one, on school property, on the playing fields. Well intentioned but duped, or paid off. Which is more likely given the history of problems in the energy industry? There is NO reason good enough to allow, and no defense for allowing industrial processes at a school. NONE. Unless, envelopes with pieces of green paper are floating around.
    Some brine spilled? Some innocent salt water. I’ve know of hundreds of wells drilled in NYS, not one turned out salt water. Icky water, sulferated water, not salt water. What is it about gas wells that makes the aquifer around them salty, hmmmm chemicals to dissolve the rock maybe. Was that one brine spill the only brine every generated by that well, or only the last months take of what didn’t seep into the ground under the field.
    As to what has caused a dozen, and more, to develop tics, and who knows how many who have had less severe issues, and never reported them, who knows, but since the closest contaminent are the gas wells, chemicals used in them, and chemicals coming out of them, there should have been investigators all over them, taking soil cores for months now, implanting sensors at different depths and places. That NONE of this has been done, and stonewalling continues, AND that the energy company is silent and staying out of it (how are they doing that anyway) cries out “smoking gun”, as well as who knows the real cause, and who wants to keep it a secret.

  14. For too long we’ve had doctors saying “it’s psychological” when we, our kids, our friends suffer from obvious physical damage caused by unknown environmental causes. They may never find the exact location of the fracking incident – there were over 1200 known fracking violations in Pennsylvania in 2010 – many of those involving illegal dumping of fracking fluid. And for every reported violation, there were people who saw trucks deliberately leaking fluid along roads, or dumping fluids into streams, but couldn’t get close enough to document it. And for every one of those, how many more trucks were dumping fluids in the middle of the night, or along abandonned roads? Any company caught illegally dumping frack fluids should have its license to drill removed. And any shale gas company personnel who condone, cover up, or take part in illegal dumping, should be in prison.

  15. yoga girl says:

    Good points, Concerned Lady. One of the investigators has requested the MSDS sheet of the “brine” that was used by the Le Roy School districts in the wells, and for the two spills that were cited. Has he received them yet? Probably not. Benzene and keroscene are freuqently used. And if these mix with the existing chemicals in the ground water…….They need to identify before they can properly detox, but if I were them, I would be on a general detox remedy. There are treatments out there for detox and nerve regeneration outside of the pharma world…EB cleanse, Erchonia cold laser, accupuncture,….

  16. Yoga_girl says:

    Interesting…my friend just phoned me to say that she received a phone call from the principal and nurse at her daughters school about sick kids and a virus…following a cheerleading event. I know her daughter just had the HPV vaccine that screws with immunity. I think it’s a combination…or the perfect storm. Schools and playing fields are built on toxic sites. Interesting comment from the one poster…all other comments being withheald. Syrup blood is lack of oxygen.


  17. Yoga_girl says:

    King 5 Seattle will not post this link…I have tried multiple times, especially since the cheerleading outbreak in Everett Washington.


    • Love Park says:

      Yoga_Girl, That sounds much like the virus going around the country. A nuero virus. No doubt I spelled that wrong. Princeton University has an outbreak as well. Riders had 60 kids hospitalized last night.

      Although that has nothing to do with fracking I wanted to respond because in Philadelphia there was an emergency situation after a cheerleading event a few weeks ago. No virus. Patients showed up in local ER’s with burning eyes and respitory problems. Both kids and adults alike. It’s an all boys Catholic High School and they had no problems prior or after that event. However kudos to the school that closed and had Hazmat come out and did other tests at their own expense. That school is Father Judge.

      Sorry for the off topic but wanted to share. My positive vibes and well wishes for all suffering from any discomfort or illness due to Mother Earth being murdered and pillaged.

      There’s no doubt in my mind if the symptoms of those girls in Philadelphia hadn’t had been visible the good Doctor’s would have dubbed it “Conversion Disorder”.

  18. Yoga_girl says:
  19. Yoga_girl says:

    Know tie killer fungus to strange symptoms….fungus thrives and feeds off radiation (google it)…fallout from Japan, that is moving eastward. Le Roy is not a simple issue….contaminants, chemicals, fracking, global warming, lyme disease due to de-polarization of our bodies cells…(that’s why it can cross the blood/brain barrier) vaccines that screw with the immune system…wake up people… a whole array of things going on. Not just a simple cause. But Le Roy…primarily contaminents and fracking.

  20. Yoga girl says:

    I live in Seattle and I have been detoxing for over two years now…MMS, artimisinin, DMSO, chlorella, niacin (flush, not non-flush), Bikram hot yoga – YESS!!! (has been my doctor and phyiciatrist )…most recently besides Bikram yoga and hydro colonics/enemas, cleaning/clearing my nose with hydrogen peroxide and q-tips and OMG!!!! Fizzle, crackle and pop!!! Wont mention what has come out of my end side from liver/gallbladder cleanses…. Fungus balls, bloody worms, mucus and little aphid looking things…little red or brown bugs…cant tell because they are covred in blood that have been streaming out of my nose. I feel so much more relaxed, after the purging. Of course, Western medicine will tell you, doesn;t happen here..only third world countries. I am convined, the malaria parasite is the cause behind leukeimia, cerebral malaria causes alzhimers and dimentia. Paraistes, colon cancer.

  21. Yoga girl says:

    My friend responded, why don’t these people remove their kids from this school??? Excatly. These school officials who purchased the site and initiated the cover up should be spending time in prison. But we let it go on….denial, denial, excuses. These kids lives are forever changed and robbed from a life they will more than likley never know. As a society, I am ashamed. We say kids are our future, but we really don’t give a shit collectively.

  22. Mary says:

    A lot of people are concerned about fracking and if you do a little research you can see why.
    The Environmental Working Group (EWG) http://www.ewg.org/ is a terrific consumer watchdog group and they have done some impressive investigations on fracking and the risks involved http://www.ewg.org/featured/894
    Check them out. If you aren’t on their email list you are missing a lot of great information.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the LeRoy girls are victims of hydro-fracking. It certainly makes more sense then the sudden mass “hysteria” conversion disorder theory (pretty difficult for a bunch of teenagers to fake this sort of thing for this long) or that the kids have some genetic disorder…yeah right…a disorder that miraculously appeared in all these kids at the same time.

    Given the potential liability the school district might face, it is not surprising that they are not cooperating with independent investigators and want to shift attention away from environmental toxins. Next thing you know they will be telling us the dead trees on school grounds next to the drilling site aren’t really dead, they’re just “hysterical”.

  23. unbelievable says:

    The school addressed the fracking concerns at the last public meeting. Media outlets and blogs have conveniently ignored the school’s statements however, which really shouldn’t come as any surprise. There’s a lot of money in fear-mongering these days.

    Anyways, not all fracking is created equal. The super high-pressure fracking that’s done in Pennsylvania is not the same type of fracking done in LeRoy. The fracking in LeRoy is done with SALT WATER, which is pushed into the ground at a much lower pressure levels. That’s right: H2O and NaCl. And while salt water is harmful to vegetation (hence the dead grass and tree), it isn’t to blame for the girls’ illness.

    Sorry to burst all of your bubbles here, but you’re barking up the wrong tree.

    • Neil Slade says:

      Dear Unbelievable ,

      Salt water would not be expected to ooze forth from the ground as a mysterious “orange yellow substance” as is being reported by eye witnesses. Further, I can find no evidence that salt water is the exclusive substance being used at this site- or anything that substantiates your anonymous claim here. This is compounded that currently the companies doing fracking in NY (or anywhere else to my knowledge)are not required to release identification of these substances, to which we can only guess.

      You have on this site, continuous gas drilling with unknown substances, a leak, burning of the raw gas at the school, a previous history of un-cleaned chemical spill (the reported cyanide/methy… from the 70′s)

      How much of a toxic environment are KIDS supposed to eat up for the profit of the school district?

      Besides this- the industry would have you believe fracking is a CONTROLLED process in which everything is known and controlled. It is hardly that. There may very well be other substances being released besides the targeted natural gas, there may be very well other releases besides the intended collection sites- perhaps considered “safe level” that over time accumulate to eventually cause problems in individuals particularly sensitive, and more sensitive than others who do not show symptoms yet.


  24. Neil Slade says:

    Just this week, Colorado law makers REFUSED to prohibit fracking within 1000 feet of any school.
    “We’ll just leave it to the oil and gas industry” they said.
    Oil and gas OWNS Colorado law makers.

    Fracking shouldn’t be done ANYWHERE.
    Not when there is ample sunshine, that only takes the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to supply abundant
    energy via photovoltaic mass production, and passive solar.
    We are still living in the age of dinosaurs- like dinosaurs.

    Wake up people.
    Tickle your amygdala forward already.

  25. Neil Slade says:

    One other thing of note– Mass socialgenetic illness (conversion syndrome/hysteria) is most often triggered by ODOR. Why? The brains autonomic fight or flight response and the reactive uncontrollable nervous reactive symptoms are triggered by the AMYGDALA which has the most direct connections to the olfactory nerves in your NOSE.

    Given that according to the CNN report, that a spill of fracking fluids occurred a month before the first reported illness- we might be seeing TWO COMPOUNDED PROBLEMS- 1) a real neurological illness triggered by fracking spill/gas/burning of raw gas at the school, which is occurring in particularly sensitive girls in ADDITION to a psychologically triggered semi-psychological mass socialgenetic illness.

    And incidentally, the nervous system of girls and women are in fact different to a degree than men and boys, as our some rudimentary differences in brain function- in addition to the differences between any group of individuals could easily explain why some are sensitive to a toxic exposure, while some my not show symptoms as readily.

  26. CO says:

    if this were a ‘conversion disorder’ due to ‘stress’…then the
    entire US Mil would be experiencing this.

  27. victoria says:

    Environmental? indirectly. LymeDisease – i would bet what life i have left it is. I started out just like these kids. Misinformation, denial and bullying by professionals has left me with incurable lyme disease (originally bit and medically documented in florida on vacay). Doctors, lawyers and child protection services, not to mention the government driving this – are all stuck in preserving their titles, motivated by greed for money and being recognized, all hurting the people by silencing them and making them the victims. Lyme disease was transmitted to my 4 children in pregnancy. Because doctors, lawyers, social workers, teachers, cps workers and other “educated professionals” used denial as an excuse, i lost my career, reputation, investment funds AND CPS TOOK MY CHILDREN AND REFUSED TO TREAT THEM MEDICALLY. All the above “professionals” accused me of being mentally ill. Now specialty lab tests exist, my undisputed lab results prove i am a victim of the system and a sufferer of incurable lyme disease. To insult my intelligence further, no lawyer will help me sue for the 20+ years of pain and suffering and JUDGES REFUSE TO TEST MY CHILDREN OR RETURN THEM TO MY CARE FOR PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. i am ashamed to be canadian. mostly i am ashamed to be part of a society that puts their titles before proper investigation, wrecks the planet to cause/allow lyme disease to more than thrive, then manipulates their governmental powers to take taxes from a family and at the same time, physically and emotionally destroy a family (a woman and 4 children). PATHETIC

  28. Penn Environment just released a report documenting that out of 4,596 Marcellus Shale wells drilled in PA between 2008 and 2011, gas operators accumulated 3,355 violations of environmental laws. Those are reported violations. How many spills, deliberate leaks, “accidental dumpings” of fracking fluid have taken place since the drilling started? Where? When? We have no way of knowing – and the fines are currently so low that the gas companies are apparently finding it less expensive to risk fines than to make sure fluids are handled safely and responsibly. Why weren’t spills on the school grounds reported to parents and kids? And wouldn’t it be quick and easy to have independent verification of what’s in the soil around the existing wells?

    Anyone – school official, leaseholder, politician, shale gas employee – who withholds or conceals information about shale gas violations, spills, or leaks should be found guilty of public endangerment and should serve time. And any corporation with repeated safety violations should lose the right to drill and should have its wells impounded. There are already too many people sick from this, and it will only get worse unless those responsible are held accountable.

  29. Jennifer says:

    Here is something I’ve come across as well…..some of the known toxic chemicals used in fracking. Hope this is helpful as well.

    Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

    Hydraulic fracturing, also referred to as natural gas drilling or fracking, is the common procedure of injecting solutions of water, chemical additives and proppants (e.g. sand or ceramic pellets) into underground formations to break them up and allow the oil or natural gas beneath them to flow through.

    Used in approximately 90 percent of all natural resource wells in the U.S., hydraulic fracturing is highly effective at extracting oil and natural gas.

    The drilling industry has been under fire as people who live close to the wells complain that their drinking water is contaminated with toxic chemicals.

    Types of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals

    Fracking companies have unique formulations of fracturing solutions. In many cases, the chemicals used are not carefully tracked. The following chemicals have been identified in some fracking treatments:

    Diesel fuel
    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
    Diesel fuel is the only substance drilling companies need permits for.

    Symptoms of Exposure to Chemicals

    Indications that you or a loved one has been exposed to toxic hydraulic fracturing chemicals include:

    Tremors or convulsions
    With time, exposure to hydraulic fracturing chemicals can cause various cancers and death.


    The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is designed to protect water quality. Congress added exclusions to the Safe Drinking Water Act via the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The new language excludes hydraulic fracturing from regulation. The only thing that is regulated is the use if diesel fuel in fracking treatments. Companies that use diesel fuel must receive authorization.

  30. Jennifer says:

    this link has a bit more detail concerning exposure time for each known chemical used in fracking.


  31. April Brown says:

    Perhaps these girls are predisposed by affected parental DNA (from the 1970 spill), in addition to any number of other contributors, vaccinations, birth control, etc. And combine those with adolescent hormones and chemicals pushed to the surface and you have an obviously dangerous cocktail. Scientists have admitted that for some children who have hereditarily predisposed chemicals/ hormones indicating submissionto autism, vaccinations can trigger those chemicals to induce full blown autism. That is why not all children who receive the same vaccines present with autism, while others do (and whose parents KNOW vaccinations triggered the disease). The most difficult thing for powerful organizations to do is admit fault and/or self inaccuracy.

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