Anti wrinkle pillow- best price for the latest technology

The anti wrinkle pillow- AKA the copper oxide pillowcase is perhaps the best and easiest natural product we’ve run across to reduce wrinkles and crows feet, is now available here at the lowest price. It literally works as you sleep by ironing out lines in you face. But before you leave and run over to to get one, here’s a great article about the wrinkle eliminating pillow that will make you think twice about using potentially dangerous unnatural creams and/or Botox injections which in one man’s opinion, makes a women’s face looked unnaturally pulled in ( looks painful and is painful to look at).

Anti wrinkle pillow- best price for the latest technology

Anti wrinkle pillow- best

Skip the creams and Botox injections- Latest "all natural" Anti wrinkle pillowcase technology naturally "stimulates the production of collagen"

Health Jocky .com: The ‘magical pillow’ has been designed by boffins at the Cupron company which has its expertise in making copper medical dressings. Development of the pillow case was additionally supervised by dermatologists.

Jeffrey Gabbay, owner of the company, remarked, “The surgeon doing our wound-healing trial remarked how an increase in collagen was helping to heal wounds. We wondered if it might work on fixing wrinkles and lines on the face. So we had some copper woven pillows made up and noticed that over a few days of lying on a cooper pillow lines on the face started to soften.” He further added, “It has been the most fantastic discovery. The fabric is best at ironing out the finer lines.”

A clinical trial of the pillow case was carried out on 57 participants for four weeks. The participants were given either the copper oxide pillow case which has normal fabric or a similar conventional pillow. Researchers found that at the end of the trial those who had used the anti-wrinkle pillow had fewer lines and wrinkles as against those who had used conventional bedding. They were statistically more likely to have less wrinkles.

With an increase in age, the production of collagen in body is slowed down causing wrinkles and lines. According to the researchers, copper ions ‘charged atoms’ from the pillow cases released from the moisture of the skin stimulates the production of collagen below the surface of the skin. This eventually acts as an anti-wrinkling more 

The Cupron company clinical trials were conducted with mostly women that did show in our opinion noticeable overall results from the photos they provide on the site. The trial described above along with more info can be seen by going to This is also where you will also find the best price.

We like proof here at Holistic Remedies News:
I’ve checked out other anti wrinkle pillowcases available but none in my opinion had any proof or documentation that their product worked and therefore I will not recommend.

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    I like the Oil o’lay ptuodcrs. Clinique is good too and Body Shop has some Vitamin E creams that I like.

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