I can’t stop coughing- what can I do? 3 easy breathing exercises to stop coughing

“I am suffering from the tail end of a cold but sometimes and especially during the night I can’t stop coughing.  What can I do that’s natural without taking cough medicine?” Rachel E. Flemington NJ

Thanks for writing in Rachel and here’s a solution that you probably never heard of by Dr. Artour Rakhimov that has nothing to do with cough syrup, lozenges or any medication at all. I recently had a bad cough myself so, I tried it and to my surprise, the cough was gone in two minutes. Keep in mind I did not have a cold, but I do know a homeopathic solution that I will get to:

I can’t stop coughing- what can I do?

It is a little difficult to understand Dr. Artour Rakhimov (from Russia) but here’s the gist of what he is saying:

The acute cough from a cold is the most common type of cough. With regard to the common use (or overuse) of medication treatments for coughing – “Currently available medications for the symptomatic management of acute cough are inadequate due to the lack of proven efficacy and/or their association with undesirable or intolerable side effects at antitussive doses.” In other words, Dr. Artour is saying that cough medications including the active ingredient are really are no more valuable than a placebo effect for treating coughs during a cold. In addition, the medicines which have become the treatment of choice are also packed with many side effects. 

“Proper breathing is all you need ” according to Dr. Artour:
What happens during coughing attacks he says is, you loose too much CO2 (carbon dioxide) which causes irritation to the breathing airways. Reduced amounts of CO2 causes our urge to cough and make our receptors over excited an irritable. “
Over breathing, deep breathing or hyperventilation will cause the body to have reduced oxygen levels in the cells which causes suppression of the immune system.”

For people with Athsma, Dr. Artour sites a study that shows that frictional stress, which includes laughing, sneezing, hyperventilation, coughing and exercise ( of all things) can cause the asthma to worsen. “Therefore the control of cough may have anti inflammatory benefits with patients with asthma.” 

I can’t stop coughing- what can I do? Update

If you have mucus or a cold with congestion, these breathing exercises might not be enough. If you’ve never tried a natural cough remedy, try Chestal Cough Syrup (which is homeopathic). I usually don’t directly recommend a lot of products but Chestal is a staple at our house and can knock out congestion in a few days. Go to your local health food store and give it a try- you won’t be sorry. You can also get it at Amazon.com.

I can’t stop coughing- what can I do? breathing review:

Step 1: learn how to cough only through your nose.

Step 2: learn how to cough with your mouth and your nose closed. This way you will have normal CO2 levels in your airways.


One final stop coughing breathing technique…

 Dr. Artour warns you should seek medical advice before trying this technique:
The technique starts by finding a comfortable place where you can relax and sit up strait. Close your mouth, pinch your nose and hold your breath until you find the need to want to breath again (you don’t have to hold your breath as long as you can, maybe just 5 seconds or whenever you feel you want to breath again). Release your nose and take your first breath from your nose (keeping your mouth closed) while using your stomach muscle (diaphragm) to push the air out of your nose. It’s important to make this breath or inhalation short meaning, take a small short breath through your nose. Also important is to relax all of your body muscles while inhaling and exhaling. Your main goal 
Dr. Artour says is to “maintain or preserve moderate air hunger or desire to breath more air during this exercise.” Basically this means to almost be out of breath (he calls it self suffocating) concentrating on relaxing and reduced breathing through inhales and exhales at all times. What this effectively does is increases oxygen levels to the body and CO2 levels to the airways.

For me,  it took about 2 minutes for me to stop coughing. Wow….

for more info visit http://www.normalbreathing.com

I hope this was helpful but, if your cough is related to a cold or flu, try Chestal Homeopathic Cough Syrup…

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  1. jan says:

    This exersise actually stoped me coughing and I had been coughing for a month all day and night. Now when I think Im going to cough I quickly do the exersises and it stops me. Im impressed. Thankyou

  2. Becky says:

    Thank you so much, coughing was getting kinda painful and this worked wonderfully!!!

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