Are e cigarettes harmful? Dr. Zorba vs E Cigarettes National

Are e cigarettes harmful? According to Dr. Zorba Paster and the FDA- they both say yes. But ask a former smoker who was able to quit using the e cigarette, or other countries health departments such as New Zealand and E Cigarettes National (online company that sells e cigarettes)- they will tell you otherwise.

Are e cigarettes harmful? Dr. Zorba view:


are e cigarettes harmful?

Dr. Zorba Paster backs the FDA by saying e cigarettes are harmful

Wisconsin State Journal by Dr. Zorba Paster: When the Food and Drug Administration ran tests, they found that some of the supposed nicotine-free cartridges were actually laced with nicotine. As you know, nicotine is the main addictive agent in tobacco. The FDA deemed them an unsafe drug delivery device and brought the manufacturers to court. The judge said that the FDA didn’t have the jurisdiction to regulate them so the E-cigarettes continue to be sold.

The FDA and other health officials are worried that E-cigarettes, especially the flavored ones will be a gateway method for kids to take up smoking. They want them removed from the market just like they did with candy cigarettes

So, the question is, are these electronic gadgets adding years to her life? I went back and did my homework. The FDA and World Health Organization (WHO) and American Medical Association are anti E-cigarettes because they have not been proven to be safe. No reliable research has been done to see if they are harmful.

My spin: If you really want to inhale an unregulated, untested chemical into your lungs then do so. But if you think that it’s safe, think again. You may be substituting one bad habit for another.

I’ve seen too many unproven mainstream and alternative remedies bite the dust because they’ve been harmful. People tend to jump the gun before the research is done. Buyer beware. Read more:

Could the chemical Dr. Zorba is referring to be diethylene glycol?

Are e cigarettes harmful? E Cigarettes National’s viewpoint:

FDA Says…Electronic cigarettes may be dangerous to the health of those who use them. Diethylene glycol is deadly poisonous.

The Truth: The FDA found one chemical, diethylene glycol, in only 1 of the 18 cartridges that they tested and it was at a concentration of much less than 1%. There is information that leads to proof of false info from the fda.

Diethylene glycol is used as a humectant in tobacco products such as cigarettes and the less than 1% concentration found in that single cartridge is no more dangerous than a cigarette.

FDA Says…Electronic cigarettes are not known to be safer than tobacco cigarettes.

The Truth:  FDA Unwilling To Quantify The Safety Of E Cigarettes As Compared To Traditional Cigarettes The CDC has associated tobacco smoke with over 4,000 toxic chemicals, many of them known to be carcinogenic.

FDA Says…Electronic cigarettes are appealing to children due to the different flavors cartridges are available in.

The Truth:  Perrigo Receives FDA Approval to Market Cherry and Cinnamon Flavored Nicotine Lozenges.They don’t mind approving them for Pharmaceutical Companies!

FDA Says…Approved stop smoking products are safe, electronic cigarettes are not.

The Truth:  Stop smoking aids Chantix and Zyban are known by their manufacturers to cause suicidal tendencies and as many as 100 people are known to have committed suicide while on the drugs. The FDA allows these products to stay on the market while knowing that they have caused people harm and have said in a news release that the numbers should not stop smokers from using the drugs. Chantix has killed 100 people and they refuse to pull it from the market.

FDA Says…Their test results should be proof that electronic cigarettes are unsafe and should not be used by smokers as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes or as a stop smoking aid.

The Truth: The FDA has no intention of banning tobacco cigarettes (which are known to kill 400,000 people in the United States a year and contain 4,000+ chemicals) because the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act specifically prevents the FDA from banning them. read more

So.. Are e cigarettes harmful?

I’m not going to say that starting smoking e cigarettes is a good idea. But if you are trying to quit I think it’s a great idea, as I’ve witnessed many smokers continue to smoke while diagnosed with lung cancer (in my sister’s case).

Possible reasons why the FDA would want to ban e cigarettes and not regular cigarettes?

1. Cancer is big business- think of the impact it would have on the economy if everyone in America suddenly stopped smoking on a given day.

2. Pharmaceutical companies want people to continue buying their “stop smoking prescriptions” instead of the e cigarette which they have no financial claim in.

There are so many people that have tried to quit smoking that were unsuccessful until the e cigarette came along. Are e cigarettes harmful? Perhaps “a little” to a person but to the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and cancer hospitals- perhaps a lot.

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