Halotherapy- drug-free treatment for sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, and CF

Salt Cave therapy, Halotherapy or Speleotherapy, which has been popular in Europe for 20 years, is now making its way into the USA. People can experience the same calming sensation as a 3 day beach vacation only, 45 minutes in a Salt Cave is all you need. Halotherapy is rapidly becoming a popular drug free alternative to treating respiratory illnesses including sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, CF and allergies.

Halotherapy- drug-free treatment for sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, and CF

JULIA HATMAKER, The Patriot-News :  Salt caves are rooms coated from floor to ceiling in salt while a halogenerator permeates the salt throughout the air. People go in, lounge around in zero-gravity chairs for 45 minutes and simply breathe it in. When they walk out the miracle claims begin.

Halotherapy- How it works

Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt contain minerals lacking in people’s daily diet which the body needs, things like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Cave owners claim the salt releases negative ions, which neutralize the positive ions that overwhelm the environment. Having a balanced environment helps the body to function the way it is supposed to and combat various diseases, the owners say.

What scientist say about Halotherapy

“I’ll be honest with you, salt is very useful in halting many different types of bacterial infections,” said Dr. Peter Meek, assistant professor of biotechnology at Harrisburg University. “There are all these natural ingredients that are used to keep bacteria at bay.”

Dr. Frederick Schaefer, assistant professor of analytical chemistry at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, is more doubtful about the salt cave promises. “You might as well take a vitamin pill or go to the beach and have more fun,” he said. “I don’t think I go with [the negative ion theory], especially since if we’re talking about in the air,” he said. “One of the reasons salt’s a solid crystal is because the positive and negative ions are very attracted to each other. Very little of that salt in the air would be broken down into the negative ions.” Salt does have some health benefits though, according to Schaefer. “They do use sodium chloride in respiratory therapy. There’s an actual inhalation treatment,” he said. The treatment uses salt to help get rid of phlegm.

“I’m a little skeptical of the whole thing,” Schaefer said. “But I can see the respiratory therapy bits if you’re actually inhaling salt particles.” read whole article

According to Julia Hatmaker and other “salt enthusiasts,” the type of salt used for Salt Caves is not ordinary table salt, which has been refined “predominately down to sodium chloride.” The salt which are said to actually work for sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, CF and other respiratory ailments are salts like Himalayan salt that contains other minerals such as “calcium, potassium and magnesium.”

Dead Sea salt is a completely different salt from the others and is said to be the most therapeutic. “Instead of being largely sodium chloride, it is 1/3 magnesium chloride and 1/4 potassium chloride. While it does contain sodium chloride, the “salt” in this case is defined as a chemical compound where positive and negative ions combine together to form a crystalalso containing small amounts of iodine, lithium (which is used to treat bipolar disorder), platinum and calcium sulfate (which is used to make dry wall).”

Cost of Halotherapy?
If you’re in central Pennsylvania, the costs range from $15 to $25 per 45 minute session, seniors and kids many times receiving a discount. Now for people living in a higher priced market such as New York City, expect to pay $100 for an hour session.

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  1. M Levins says:

    I went to my first salt room in Orlando FL recently and was very impressed with the results. I went in not being able to breathe through my nose. After only a 45 minute session, I was able to breathe freely. I would like to find a salt room close to where I live. However, I am unable to find a salt room close to the Philadelphia area. Could you please let me know the names of locations of any spas that offer this therapy or a salt room in my area? Thanks so much.

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