Pot Growers Warning- new marijuana quality testing is here

marijuana quality testing

medical marijuana quality testing will now go far beyond just testing for THC levels

If you are legally growing pot and selling to a dispensary, you are probably well aware that the marijuana quality of your harvest is most likely tested by a lab for THC levels. But now thanks to Doobons.com, a new series of testing is being implemented by Halent Laboratories which will not only test for THC levels, but purity of the marijuana along with identifying the strain to match it to a patient’s specific ailment or disease. Various types of marijuana can naturally treat a wide range of various illness including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rosacea, Seizures, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Sleep Apnea, and Arthritis just to name a few.


Pot growers warning- new medical marijuana quality testing is here

PRWEB: Halent Laboratories’ cannabinoid and terpene profiles enable medical marijuana dispensary employees to scientifically match patients’ medical needs with the right strain of cannabis. Doobons.com is now identifying dispensaries that use Halent by displaying the “Halent Tested” emblem on their profile. The term ‘Halent Tested’ is fast becoming the mark of quality in the medical marijuana industry—like the Underwriters Laboratories logo is to electronic device safety. We’re helping patients find Halent-tested medication.

“Cannabinoids are a class of diverse chemical compounds that activate cannabinoid receptors, which affect different parts of the human anatomy—like the brain and immune system,” said Dr. Donald Land, co-founder of Halent Laboratories. “A lot of terpenes also have positive health effects.”

Halent Laboratories not only screens for over 30 pesticides, molds, fungi and mycotoxins, they also test for and provide reports that show the potency of 15 cannabinoids and 8 terpenes. These profiles allow dispensary staff to scientifically match patients’ medical conditions to the right strain.

“The term ‘Halent Tested’ is fast becoming the mark of quality in the medical marijuana industry—like the Underwriters Laboratories logo is to electronic device safety,” said John, founder of Doobons.com. “We’re helping patients find Halent-tested medications.”

State-of-the-art testing equipment and procedures developed and administered by University of California, Davis professors Donald P. Land and Rev. Dr. Kymron deCesare ensure testing accuracy at Halent. Easy-to-understand reports accurately detail the components of each medical cannabis sample, which the specially trained wellness center staff can interpret and map to each patient’s specific medical conditions.

“Doobons is showcasing best-in-class resources like Halent, a company that is moving the industry in the right direction,” said John. “The industry is maturing beyond the old medical marijuana dispensary model. Those who are embracing medical advancements, focusing on treating patient’s specific health needs and transforming into holistic, integrative health care centers are blazing a trail to the future of medical marijuana.”

Patients visiting Doobons.com will be greeted with a geotargeted map of nearby medical cannabis collectives. By clicking on business names, they can view business information and reviews. Collectives that offer Halent-certified medicine are marked with the “Halent Tested” emblem.  read more

Holistic Remedies News authored a recent article entitled “Fed Crackdown on Medical Marijuana” which is worth reading if you are a grower. The article specifically talks about marijuana’s use for treating Dravet’s Syndrome and why the Feds are policing California and will continue to do so. With this in mind, we think that the ‘Halent Tested” Logo of quality control will indeed help patients find the right medicine to treat their illnesses. This in our opinion will also help further legitimize the marijuana industry and  ”weed out” (no pun intended) the growers that are just harvesting the “get high” strain of cannabis.

It’s obvious to us that since marijuana quality control is becoming more and more important, a business trend is occurring…. the growers that are aware of solving  ”patients problems” are going to be the most successful. Our recommendation- check out this site that contains a list of diseases that are treated by marijuana and, match the illness with the specific medicinal strain of marijuana. You will also want to find out the demand for that specific strain rather than just grow and hope for the best.

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