Dr. Harvey Bigelsen says “doctors are more harmful than germs”

Doctors are more harmful than germs claims Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, whos book of the same title (and himself) were featured last night on the popular overnight show Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. Dr. Bigelsen openly criticizes the medical and pharmisutical industry which “was initially funded in 1910 by robber barons John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie.” What happened to medicine (and money) afterwards is briefly touched on in this video:

Doctors are more harmful than germs

Coast to Coast AM: Dr. Bigelsen has been able to trace the roots of many patients’ health issues to post-surgical, chronic inflammation. Eschewing conventional wisdom, he says that germs are not harmful, and that doctors must address the terrain and not the germ. Dr. Bigelsen’s work is based in biological medicine, and involves a revolutionary approach that evaluates every patient as an individual, and develops a rational therapeutic plan based on his/her past medical and surgical history. He believes that if the patient is not getting better, it is the practitioner’s fault, because “miracles only happen when you know what you are doing.” see more


According to Dr. Bigelsen, the medical industry today is quick to prescribe surgery which causes “inflammation in the body, leading to serious and long-lasting health problems. Inflammation, according to Dr. Bigelsen, is the real cause of all chronic disease (persistent or long-lasting illness). Noting that Western medicine has yet to “cure” a single chronic disease. Doctors Are More Harmful Than Germs challenges readers to rethink everything they believe about illness and how to treat it.” read reviews at Amazon.com

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